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Second Serve


Loved it! 😍

A charming romance served with the allure of tennis and stardom and second chances.

In Second Serve, author Aparna Aggarwal canvasses the rollercoaster relationship of Ragini and Abhimanyu set up against the backdrop of Abhimanyu’s tennis career. 

Abhimanyu is a global tennis champion who is on the brink of losing his career to a knee injury and needs his estranged wife Ragini to help him through this ordeal. Ragini must decide if she can look beyond his past selfishness long enough for him to recover. 

The narrative flows between the past, where they meet as children, to the present where we find them a year into being separated. We learn of how their friendship evolves alongside Abhimanyu’s tennis and Ragini’s sports management career and the events that lead to their marriage and separation. 

We see the rigor, nuances, and ups-and-downs involved in the journey of a young tennis prodigy on his way to become a Grand Slam Champion; the fame and excitement success brings, and the toll it can take on relationships. I’ve never read or heard of a fiction set in the tennis and sports management universe so this was an exciting and revelatory book in that aspect. The author has done well in capturing the tension and exhilaration the sport brings both to a player and to the audience in the details of Abhi’s matches. 

Both Ragini and Abhimanyu’s characters are well-defined and evolve from being one-dimensional to well-rounded characters. Halfway through the book, the plot becomes predictable and the interest shifts from the characters’ story to the tennis champion's story.

The overall plot is satisfying as it makes an effort to not revolve around the central male character’s arc, but I would have liked to see more independence and importance to Ragini’s character development.


Second Serve is a light-hearted, fun, and easy read. A charming romance mixed with the allure of tennis and stardom and second chances. Recommended to true-blue readers of filmi Indian romances looking for a refreshing story. 

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About the author

Aparna Aggarwal is a 30-something corporate professional and serial blogger, based out of Mumbai. Second Serve is her debut novel where she brings alive her passion for sports and romance as well as two of her favorite cities - Delhi and Mumbai. view profile

Published on October 18, 2020

80000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

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