Save Our Animal Friends


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This is a fantastic, action-packed educational comic book that kids won't want able to put down, and I suspect neither will adults.

Even though Ben Goldstein's story begins with a corny joke, this book is no joking matter. Save Our Animal Friends is a comic book focusing on real wildlife issues. While the World Patrol Kids are performing at a sold-out concert, belting out lyrics about animal conservation, illegal hunters are targeting a herd of elephants. Their prize is the largest existing land animal's ivory tusks. Any kind-hearted person would be devastated witnessing the carnage, like Meru (a young Masai boy). Money is the root of all evil, and Meru saw pure evil in action. 

Flash forward a few days when the World Patrol Kids are given a tour of the Tsavo National Park. Wow, what an experience to visit these majestic animals in their natural habitat. The experience would be life-changing. While at the park, the group met Dr. Seeker, who raises orphaned young elephants and prepares them for reintroduction into the wild. Sadly, poachers have created a need for this place. While the reasoning behind the job is heartbreaking, the job has to be exciting and very rewarding. 

Save Our Animal Friends by Ben Goldstein outlines a global problem that should not be ignored. It shares valuable information about elephants and "dad" jokes but also emphasizes how dangerous poachers are and their impact on the animal kingdom. 

There are scenes with guns and bullets, so take that in advisement if that poses a trigger for you or your child. With that in mind, I recommend sharing the comic with third graders and up. Remind children that all animals need protection because they have a place and purpose on the planet, just like us. 

Towards the back of the comic, the writer includes bonus information about what animals are hunted for, such as leopards for their fur. He also shares ways YOU can make a difference and help save our animal friends from extinction. There are even games/activities! 

Save Our Animal Friends is a fantastic, action-packed educational comic book that kids won't want able to put down, and I suspect neither will adults.

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The World Patrol Kids give a concert in Kenya, to raise money for the National Game Preserves. The next day on Safari the World Patrol Kids run into trouble with an armed band of poachers who traffic in ivory and endangered species. In addition to the fast-paced adventure story, there are eight pages of puzzles, games, and other activities.

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Ben Goldstein has written for children of all ages. He is the author of the middle-grade novellas, “The Adventures of the World Patrol Kids,” & "Rosa and Mee," and the World Patrol Kids’ comic /activity book series. Other children's books include "Looice," "Been Dere?" & "Looice in the Stargarden." view profile

Published on September 15, 2023

Published by Filmus, Inc.

1000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Children's

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