Savage Indulgence


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"Savage Indulgence" would make a very chilling movie for horror fans—a blockbuster.

Warning: Savage Indulgence plot centers around cannibalism. 

Savage Indulgence by Shayla Raquel will shock you, gross you out, and leave a nasty taste in your mouth. But that's the author's intention, I believe. I hope so, at least. Reading about someone eating human flesh was disturbing and disgusting and made my stomach turn. Ugh, I really regret grabbing that waffle when I sat down to read this story. 

Joyce, a retired OB-GYN, invited four guests to her home for a dinner party. The guests believed they were eating regular steak; they were wrong. Joyce drugged them, intending to dine on their flesh later. TWISTED! 

Her devious, grisly scheme did not go as planned. 




Savage Indulgence will stun you over and over again. When you hear a knock on the door, you'll wonder if that person will become Joyce's next meal. 

Shayla Raquel made me gag once more when she had Joyce grab various liquids and spices to create a marinade. I will never be able to look at my pantry the same way again. 

Boy, oh boy, what an intense read. I don't think it's a story I could read repeatedly. It would make a very chilling movie for horror fans—a blockbuster. 

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Published on February 15, 2022

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