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A man's attention wavers for a minute, and a small girl vanishes. A thriller, involving terrorism in various forms and the hunt to find her.

This is an oddly compelling read. Oddly, because initially there seem to be too many characters, too many plotlines to follow, and I almost gave up. Compelling, because Ginne creates characters that the reader cares about: the small bespectacled girl, her sister and brother, and the old grandfather, marooned in a country where he can barely understand the language, The grandfather is in Belgium on the run from the IRA, who have blown up his house. His son and family live in Brussels and offer to take him in and keep him safe.

Meanwhile, sinister forces walk the city market, photographing Sarah, catering to her overly friendly personality. Sarah is used to wandering freely. Her family seems unconcerned about her, encouraging independence, until she, suddenly, is no longer there.

Denny, the grandfather, has his own problems--guilty and lonely he drowns himself in alcohol until a further shock forces him to change himself.

The hunt for Sarah starts, taking the reader through conspiracies, the dark web, child kidnapping. As Denny, and Romain, the brother, work with a friend to plow through the dark web, more and more people get tainted with a connection to a child porn ring. Is that who has Sarah?

There are a few typos in this edition, and the beginning chapter seems a bit muddy to me, but once I figured out who everyone was, the story kept my attention. The final scene with Romain seems out of character for him.

But I was cheering for Denny throughout.

A good read.

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I was born in Ireland, finished my studies in Sweden and lived there for many years before moving to Belgium. I have written extensively in Swedish, both fiction and non-fiction. Sarah is the first of a series of thrillers written in English. view profile

Published on September 12, 2019

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