Santa’s Fuzzy Little Visit


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An adorable rhyming Christmas story that your kids will want to read over and over again!

Santa’s Fuzzy Little Visit is another great book written by Mama & Papa Paws. It's an adorable rhyming Christmas story that your children will want to read over and over again!

Molly and her sisters are very excited - it is the night before Christmas and they are planning to stay up late to see Santa. They are dressed up in their cute Christmas pajamas and red Christmas hats. They keep out treats and wait.

At first, they don't feel sleepy because of all the excitement. But, as time goes by, they began to feel tired. And despite all the dancing they do to stay awake, Molly and her sister fall asleep. Molly even imagines what Santa looks like.

Then, they hear a noise and wake up. They hope it is Santa. When they go to see what has caused the noise, they are surprised!

Through simple text and sweet illustrations, the author does a wonderful job of depicting the joy children (and dogs) feel during the Christmas season, especially the night before. Even though Molly and her sisters are dogs, young readers will be able to relate to them. They will not only relate in terms of feelings, but the preparation that takes place. The decorated house, the cute Christmas outfits, and the treats for Santa.

The best part is the imagination behind what is causing the noise. Readers will think they know what is the cause (and might be partially correct) but will also be surprised.

The illustrations are colorful with a soft touch. They give a warm and soothing tone to the story. The main characters, Molly and her sister, are very adorable and young readers will love them.

I really enjoyed reading this story. It's an excellent add to the Papa & Paws collection as well as your Christmas collection. It's perfect for kids ages 0-5.

I highly recommend it!

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Molly and her sisters have a plan to see Santa this year. Can they stay awake long enough for him to appear? The house is decorated, and the chimney is ready too. Will Santa find the house and know what to do? The treats are laid out, and the timing is right. Will Santa bring gifts on this magical night?

Children’s picture book about a sweet little doggie named Molly Paws and her family.
• Created by a dog dad, every story is based on a real-life event.
• Toddlers and preschoolers ages 0-5(ish) will enjoy the cute illustrations of the dogs.
• Moms, dads, and grandparents will love reading the heartwarming stories.

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Nicholas J. Nawroth is Papa Paws. He is a dog lover and artist. At age 9, he created his first comic book featuring his dog, Woody, and has been drawing ever since. He has never lost touch with his childlike wonder and love of dogs, which he shares in his stories. view profile

Published on October 15, 2022

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