Sands o' the Shore


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Sands o' the Shore is a romantic fantasy loosely based on the legends of the selkies and it takes place on a remote island off the coast of northwestern Scotland. A handsome male selkie is rescued after being injured by three red headed cousins. Since he is unable to return to the sea, they must teach him how to live as a human.

It was a beautiful day to stake out a rock and bask in the warm rays of the early spring sun. The particular rock that Seabright was currently sprawled out on was not his first choice. He had just gotten comfortable on his favorite spot when his father showed up and chased him off of it. Since the old man was a great deal bigger than Seabright was and not afraid to throw his immense weight around to prove his dominance, Seabright had slipped off the rock without any hesitation. Once he was once more into the water, he goaded the ever present sea gulls into calling the huge male seal named Striker some very loud and extremely rude names.

Grumbling to himself, Seabright swam toward the small patch of sandy shore nearby. He hauled himself onto the land and made his way to his second favorite location, a series of rock ledges just off to the side of the sandy beach. The rock he wanted to sprawl out on was occupied of course, but he had no problem convincing the three year old bachelor seal that it would be wise to leave.

Once he had made himself comfortable again, Seabright surveyed his kingdom. Technically it wasn't really his, at least not yet. The beach itself was located on a remote corner of a small island off the northwestern coast of Scotland. The island itself could only be reached by the use of a ferry boat that only made two round trips a day. Just a little further out to sea was another island. There was no human population there, just an automated lighthouse and a whole bunch of seals that had claimed its rocky beach as their territory.

Seabright tended to avoid that island. It was too crowded for one thing, since there really wasn't much of a shore line available. Secondly, he considered himself above the noisy seals that congregated there. They were mostly the common harbor seals and the slightly bigger grey seals. He and his family were different. Not only were they a great deal larger in size and darker in color than the others, they were something very rare and special.

Seabright and his family were selkies.

About the author

I am a retired US Air Force Weather forecaster and I live on a small horse farm in the central part of Washington State. I enjoy writing, drawing, handcrafts, photography and traveling around the world. view profile

Published on February 22, 2020

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Genre: Fantasy

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