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Saint Bloodbath


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True crime writing at its best! Vivid descriptions provide engagement that honors the victims; words with staying power leave you satisfied.

For mature audiences only, from overuse of perverse language to detailed crime scenes depicting murder, this book is not for the weak-stomached or the pharisaical type.

While the first chapter almost had me close the book before the life stories of others fully opened themselves up and began, I'm glad I persevered. This true crime book builds upon itself and only gets stronger. I urge you to push through the language that makes you think twice about diving in; the language must be present, or it wouldn't be real life - yes, real life.

Frederick Douglass Reynolds shines a light on aspects and areas of life that may make you uncomfortable, real lives lived by many. It's good not to stay ignorant of life on the streets, gangs, and violence; good to be reminded of the resources we have to tap into, if blessed to be above the fray, as we are protected from having to know by the men and women who have signed up to serve and protect us.

For true crime enthusiasts, you could not ask for a better read or outcome! This book is wholly satisfying. Foreshadowing that hooks and carries on (crows and murder), an author that's a master of his craft from research to the presentation (an understanding of the human psyche, of both men and women and what motivates and the whys behind actions), questions of God and faith that will leave you pondering, this book is well-rounded and there is no flaw.

I especially appreciated the depiction of Ponce, one of the killers, as possessed by demons. This encapsulated his evil into something tangible that could be understood. To kill is the depravity that leads to a person transforming into something other than themselves, a monster without remorse. It also brings a level of understanding into the fear that his significant other, at the time, would have felt that compelled her to stay for as long as she did. It's hard to flee from the devil beside you.

The layers of life and backstories to the present day are depicted so well here. The choices we all make are never linear. There's always more to a person's life than the day you meet them.

This book is fair and balanced, thoughtful and thought-provoking. While a hard read because of the language and subject matter, it is also an easy read because of pacing and layout, descriptions, and word choices. Truly, this book deserves every one of its five stars! It honors all human life, no matter their station, and is brilliantly done.

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About the author

Frederick Douglass Reynolds is a retired L.A. Sheriff’s Homicide Investigator. Saint Bloodbath is his second book. His first one, "Black, White, and Gray All Over; a Black Man's Odyssey in Life and Law Enforcement," has won 22 awards, including the Grand Prize in the 2022 IAN competition. view profile

Published on May 04, 2023

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Contains graphic explicit content ⚠️

Genre: True Crime

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