Romance Blooms


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Loved it! 😍

Blissfully optimistic and consistently cheerful, Romance Blooms boasts a child-like happiness in every poem towards love.


"Romance Blooms" is a gentle and cheery book of poems. They are short and draw the reader in. Anyone who is a romantic at heart will enjoy the 50 pages dedicated entirely to romance and poetry. "Romance Blooms" covers a wide variety of occasions and the readers are sure to find what will speak to their hearts and more.

Cheerfully light-hearted and a tonic to read, it is actually quite refreshing to review an anthology that isn't bogged down with dark, cynical or hyper-sexual perspectives on love. What Johnson has created is a collection of blissfully innocent and hopeful poems that largely focus on the child-like aspects of romance, filled with floral connotations and a few references to fairy-tale fantasies whilst continuously carrying a tone of excitement and euphoria.

I particularly love the frequent use of natural imagery to express the smitten narrator's elation. Likening their happiness to the soft, swaying movement of willow trees for example is nothing short of wholesome.

The overall writing style and tone is quite straight-forward, making this anthology very easy to read. Short sentences and simplistic similes allow the reader to get straight to the point of the narrator's emotion without having to over-analyse potential underlying meaning. Some readers may even find that certain poems imitate the tone of nursery rhymes! It is because of this simplicity that I enjoyed reading Romance Blooms.

The only thing I could possibly fault is the aesthetic of the anthology, which did remind me of some primary school texts. Such pleasant and amorous poems deserve perhaps some illustration to complement certain poems or at least a less basic font to best express the gaiety and charming tone of the scenarios the poet's words express. A few tweaks with presentation would really do this sweetly written collection justice. Nevertheless, the basic presentation didn't stop me from reading. Romance Blooms genuinely is a pick-me-up for all poetry lovers, especially those who want to read about the joys of love without having to fear a bleak poem creeping up on them to disrupt their enjoyment and contradict everything said beforehand. There is never a grim moment in this collection - a very happy and gentle read indeed!

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In my final year of study as a Classical Studies undergraduate, I am a publishing hopeful with books on my mind. I spend most of my time studying the world of the Ancient Greeks and Romans, which I talk about on my Classics blog Itzanif. My second blog, FictionFrappucino is for my love of fiction.


"Romance Blooms" is a gentle and cheery book of poems. They are short and draw the reader in. Anyone who is a romantic at heart will enjoy the 50 pages dedicated entirely to romance and poetry. "Romance Blooms" covers a wide variety of occasions and the readers are sure to find what will speak to their hearts and more.

Romance Blooms 

1 of 2

When you look at me

my heart melts within.

Since so very long ago,

it has always been.


Come away with me

to the valley low;

where we may sit beneath our tree

and talk of things unknown.


I will follow you

anywhere you lead;

for there’s not a soul, save you,

can bring true love to me.


These 2 are 1

and what they choose to do,

will please the both of them

because they’re 1 of 2.

A Cinderella Tale

She was a beauty but no one knew

Her beauty vexed the ugly two.

Her stepmother made her scrub and clean.

Then, a ball was announced, to find a queen.


The ugly two, their mother dressed,

hoping one would be the best.

She was not allowed to go to the ball

and was made to scrub and clean it all.


When they departed, her sad heart wept

till her fairy godmother she happily met.

She dressed her like a future queen

going to meet the future king.


At the ball, she sparkled like a star

and the prince loved her most, by far.

He took her as his chosen bride

and as king and queen they did abide,

happily ever after.

A Garden, Rare

It was a day of splendor,

Cherry blossoms were in bloom.

The birds sang sweetly in the trees

and his love for her consumed.


The path that they followed

led to a garden, rare.

She sat upon a bench

and he proposed right there.


The two of them were married

and loved each other more.

Soon they had a baby

and it opened up a door.


A door to new beginnings

where, with baby, they were three.

The love they had for him,

made a loving family.

A Meeting of Chance

There was a sparkle in his eye

and a lightness to his step.

He had found a girl most lovely

and was very glad they’d met.


Her heart was truly happy

for she liked him very much.

It was a meeting of chance

as neither looked for love.


They chose to meet for coffee

then other dates did follow.

Some days he brought her roses

and they, always, made her smile.


A night of splendor was the ball.

Her gloved hand he gently kissed.

As he led her slowly to the floor,

she knew she'd cherish this.


Long before the ball was over,

he took her to the lake.

He knelt down on one knee,

and a proposal he did make.

She, delightedly, said “Yes!”.

A Moonlit Sky

A field of flowers, a moonlit sky.

The beauty of it made her sigh.

He spoke to her, most tenderly,

"Of all the others, you’re all I see.

Your love for me sets my heart aglow.

Take my hand and ne’er let go.”

He led her in the moonlight

and put flowers in her hair.

She smiled a smile for him, alone,

and their love the moonlight shared.

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Writing poetry is my favorite past time. I've written and published 7 books. They are all poetry laden. My poems are short and inventive being designed to bring joy to the reader. In a poem, one can experience anything that the mind can think of. There is no end to what can be imagined. Enjoy! view profile

Published on December 31, 2020

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Genre: Poetry

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