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Rock Bottom


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‘Rock Bottom’ offers simple and practical advice to form the building blocks of recovery from life struggles or unexpected events.

How do you recover after your life drastically changes? How do you rebuild your life and motivation? How do you find happiness? How do you re-define who you are? Hill provides the building blocks to answering these personal questions through sharing his story and encouraging reader engagement and self-reflection.

The Australian author, Dr Brett Hill, speaks from the perspective of attaining the seemingly ideal life until unexpected events (primarily his divorce to his wife) unravel his motivation, career, self-esteem and his relationships. Although Dr Hill’s story may not be perceived as dramatic or life-altering as other narratives (as Brett himself states), surprisingly it’s the simplicity and familiarity of his story which become very relatable to most, if not all, adult audiences.

His memoir of 8 chapters examines his journey through rock bottom, each section containing chronological realisations, life lessons and practical advice. The step-by-step approach makes this book suitable for anyone on their mental health journey - whether it be for those that feel like they are on their way to rock bottom, have already hit rock bottom or are bouncing back from it.

Each chapter has an overarching concept, broken down into headings and themes. These themes contain realisations and advice that the reader gets to implement by completing exercises or ‘Actions’. These Actions are sprinkled throughout each chapter and enable the reader to journal, reflect and apply Hill’s advice to their own life. His step-by-step approach makes the reader actively engage and refine their perceptions and beliefs.

Even though Hill’s journey applies to both men and women, I know men - especially those who are fathers - would greatly benefit from reading this book. Ultimately, Rock Bottom is a must-read for men and women who are looking to overcome a mental health challenge or have experienced a life-altering event, are learning how to love themselves or are seeking to find purpose in their life.

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Rock Bottom

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Dr Brett Hill is host of some of Australia’s top rated health podcasts, resilience mentor, functional nutrition coach, chiropractor, public speaker, and author. He has inspired thousands of people over the last decade to live a long, happy, healthy life full of energy and vitality. view profile

Published on November 27, 2020

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