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Rock and Roll Children: An 80s Hair Metal Garageband story


Loved it! 😍

"Rock And Roll Children:An 80s Hair Metal GarageBand Story" by Sean Frazier will take you back to the fantasy world of 80s music."

"Rock And Roll Children: An 80s Hair Metal GarageBand Story" by Sean Frazier is a great way to have gain insight into the world of 80s teens, their dreams and ambitions and their love for music. Today's teenage readers will get a chance to enjoy looking into the life of the previous generation and the classic fashion of the garage bands.

It's a story of a group of five kids who have a great passion for rock and roll music. It narrates, "Seventeen-year-old Sean needs a lot of things: He needs his parents to stop hassling him. He needs his car to actually start. He needs his Jewfro to grow out into heavy metal hair. But most of all, he needs a band..."

The narrator gives us a real picture of the school boys of the twentieth century,

"I continue to flip through the photo album and land on a very faded Polaroid of me and Bob sitting in front of an Apple II com- puter in the school guidance office. Me in my jean jacket, jeans, and my messy hair. It was a middle period where the Jewfro was trying to figure itself out. Bob was in his matching blue Garanimals shirt and powder blue jeans with his short, scraggly hair sticking up all over the place. We were typical middle school dorks."

The novel has a very well-woven plot, the characters and settings from the vintage world is truly amazing. We feel like we are really taken back to a time that we wouldn't be able to explore any other way. The book seems like a beautiful sequel to the famous movie, "Back to the Future".

The memories in the story keep on popping up like flash backs in a movie. This book is a really wonderful piece of writing and art!

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Sean Frazier is a lifelong metalhead and musician and has been singing for nearly as long as he’s been talking. Sean has provided a voice for many garage bands over his 30 year singing career. He’s a Maryland boy living in the San Francisco Bay Area with his wife Lonnie and four bad dogs. view profile

Published on October 27, 2020

Published by StageFright Media

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

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