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Riven Calyx


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Game of Thrones meets The Chronicles of Prydain! River Calyx gives you an emotional story that you will think back on for days to come!

“Peasants don’t care about the fate of knights!”

River Calyx is an epic fantasy tale about a man (Mordrak) a brooding knight haunted by the children he killed while attempting to conquer yet another city for his king—only there is one problem—the city of Nan-Enn is held captive under a curse that only a wizard can break.

The story mainly follows Mordrak on his quest to convince a wizard’s apprentice to work for his king—freeing Nan-Enn and its people—though it seems easier said than done. River Calyx is gripping and unique—don't let the page count scare you!

The story also follows Mordrak’s sister, the lady Adriselle, who tags along with her brother to escape her tedious life in order to quench her thirst for adventure! 

I chose this book mainly because I liked the idea of wizards being outlawed and how magical creatures all live together in the world of Escavia. I also wanted to read something with a bit of sword and sorcery mixed with political drama and I wasn’t disappointed!

Overall, the way Collins presents this world is done very well. One of the strongest points of this story was its worldbuilding—I could picture every setting and felt like Escavia was very well-imagined. The Scandinavian folklore was an interesting aspect that I think will draw in many readers who already have that kind of background. I was able to follow along with the plot easily. The faults of the story lay with the choppy writing, a few repetitive moments, and quite a few droning paragraphs—but these can be overlooked when you really get into the drama of it all. River Calyx gives you an emotional story that you will think back on for days to come!

This book took me ten days to finish, and I give it 3/5 stars.  

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Mark has always enjoyed reading Fantasy novels and folklore. He has published numerous short stories of various genres in the independent press. Presently he is rewriting two more novels set in the world of Escavia and has ideas for more. Mark lives in southern England on the border of Surrey. view profile

Published on June 03, 2020

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