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Rising Tides


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"Rising Tides" is a fast-paced crime thriller in the Phil Tyler series with a plot that will keep you guessing!

When investigative reporter Phil Tyler is woken in the middle of the night by ex-Detective Inspector Slattery, he knows it can’t be anything but bad news…


Slattery’s ex-wife Matty is in trouble, and he thinks Phil is just the man to help sort it out. But what starts out as a fairly simple ‘misunderstanding’ about a wallet Matty has acquired leads Phil down a dangerous path of shady business dealings, corruption and possible murder.


With a new wife and a child on the way, Phil is torn between wanting nothing to do with the whole mess, and his reporter’s instinct for something rotten at the heart of his community. Will he be able to keep himself, his family and his friends safe for long enough to get to the bottom of it?


"Rising Tides" is the third book in the Phil Tyler crime thriller series, but the first one I have read. The author drops us straight into the story from page one, with Slattery’s early-hours call on Phil to rope him into helping sort out the situation his ex-wife has found herself in.


Phil makes an appealing protagonist, from his inner monologues, to his soft spots for anyone who compliments his journalism. And the love–hate relationship between Phil and Slattery provides some nice comedy moments in between the action. This is a relationship that has been forged over past adventures, and although this book works well as a standalone, I’m keen to go back and read more about how the two came to be friends. I also enjoyed getting to know the various supporting characters, from the eccentric and hilarious Matty to the menacing villain George Mackie.


The plot itself is fast-paced, and really kept me guessing prior to the very satisfying conclusion. I will definitely be seeking out more of Barry Litherland’s work and would recommend this as a thoroughly enjoyable read for all crime and thriller fans.

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I'm an ex-primary headteacher living in the N of Scotland, with my wife, two dogs and lots of space. I write crime and psychological crime thrillers. I've also written two novels for children and one literary fiction novel. (TBP) I write because it's something I'm driven to do. I always have been. view profile

Published on February 14, 2022

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

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Genre: Thriller & Suspense

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