Rising from the Ash: After the Fall Book 2


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When Nature becomes the enemy, how will humanity adapt to survive?

This story takes a dark twist into the murky depths from its predecessor, Within the Flame, where leads James and Charlotte first met after a cataclysm shattered their reality. Turning Earth into a dark, dystopian nightmare where friends become enemies and enemies turn into enigmas, we are lead deeper into the shadows in this second installment of the After the Fall Saga.

The quote with which author Crestwood opens this second book had a Mandalorian feel to it and I could almost see The Armorer standing in the ruddy glow of heated embers. Our lead James has established a small family of survivors who struggle to cope with their new world, but they...and we the readers...are in for more than a few surprises as the story builds.

Civilization has crumbled into little more than a feeble shadow of its former self. Strangers become allies as the unit James has gathered around him fights against a foe that is nearly beyond reckoning; yet it's one they've all known every day of their lives.

When Nature becomes the enemy, how will humanity adapt to survive? Can James and his new family learn to understand each other well enough to comprehend the nearly incomprehensible, or will the forces beyond anyone's control overrule them all?

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The Ashes

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Published on March 02, 2021

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