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Rise of One is a slow-burning but character-centric story with a dark atmosphere.

Rise of One is set in a world that has just seen a zombie (called 'brutes' here) apocalypse. Rise, a vampire, with his coven, is living in his sanctuary, called the Owl's Court. His companions are two vampires - Salter & Ogrim - and Cypriot - a human - who is their source of food. They have all they need, but Rise knows that their supplies will not last. He ventures out unknown to his companions and rescues two humans. The rest of the story is about what happens as a result.

The book is not your typical one with all kinds of vampire and zombie tropes. Yes, a few essential ones are present - zombie infections are passed through bites, vampires need blood and are averse to sunlight, etc. But the book's vampires are a slightly more enhanced form of a human being rather than being superhuman. The book is also not heavy on action or gore. The focus is on the characters and their relationships. 

Rise, Ogrim, Cypriot and Salter are memorable characters. Each of them has compelling motives for behaving the way they do. And we can see the relationship evolve as circumstances changes. Their relationships have been stuck in stasis for a long time, and this was fine as long as the world didn't change suddenly. But with the zombie apocalypse, the change in circumstances puts a strain on all their relationships, and a new equilibrium needs to be found. The characters make decisions which are not logical all the time. I find this quite realistic since we are not Romulans, and emotions do play a significant part in any decision.

I found the parallels to the current 2020 pandemic - quarantine scenario quite striking. We are also unable to go out due to the fear of being infected; our relationships with our family members are also changing as a result of the enforced living. 

I found Dixon Reuel's writing to be quite good. It is an easy read without dense prose. The book is slow-paced since it focuses more on characters rather than action. In some ways, I am reminded of Daphne Du Maurier's Rebecca. It has the same feel with the feeling of claustrophobia and oppression.

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Irish award-winning & best-selling writer, Eve Power writes as Dixon Reuel & is the author of the Post-Apocalyptic Paranormal series, Blood Brute. Eve lives in Dublin, Ireland & has a 1st in History & Early Irish Studies. She is a lifelong nerd of cosplay, video games, & other worthwhile pursuits. view profile

Published on December 15, 2020

Published by Thunderloft Press

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Genre: Post-Apocalyptic

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