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Ripped Away


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This second installment by S.D. Christopher will have yours senses on overload--pun intended--with new characters and a thickening plot.

What would you do with super strength? Or, if you had the ability to see things in a microscopic way, things that are so small and minuscule that they are invisible to the naked eye, how would you carry on with your life? Cleaning would definitely be a breeze--or maybe overwhelming. Could you imagine, seeing all of the pet dander everywhere if you had animals, and then dust--that would be a disgusting sight. It may just be easier to have the super strength, but then how would you control it? What if you accidentally tore someone's arm or leg off? Or worse, crushed them in a bear hug? That is just a mortifying concept to think about--but, Christopher does and his second installment is just as captivating as the first.

Now with the case closed and "The Ripper" supposedly dead along with one of their finest detectives, Blossom Valley moves on. The Nelson cousins, one short of a trio, are now on their own and trying to lie through their teeth to make it through the rounds of interviews from the police. If they knew what each was capable of, they would lock them up (or at least try to) for a very long time. While they are in and out of the police station, Dr. Gibson and the few who are willing are out and about trying to find others like them; a few new characters are introduced with a brief backstory of how they came into their "special abilities", like Anya, Amy, and the Magnificent Steven (pronounced Steh-ven, and rhymes with seven). Dr. Gibson has been desperately trying to find more Sensitives as a way to help guide them into a better world, one where darkness is no longer the only option. Something happens though along the way and Dr. Gibson suspects that her patients are slowly being picked off one by one, at least those who aren't fortunate enough to have an ability that helps them against an attack, like Maiko and Anya. When fewer and fewer show up to their appointments, she discusses her worries with the group just before being nabbed herself, but is it already too late? Can the ones who are left come together and learn how to use their abilities to find everyone who has gone missing?

Christopher's has a story filled with well-developed characters, outlandish special abilities and boundless creativity. In the first installment, it was a little difficult to find that flow at the beginning, but that is not the case in this one. Ripped Away continues where the first installment, The Ripper of Blossom Valley, ended within the Uncommon Senses series so readers don't need to figure anything out if they've read the first one. This cover is a little more colorful than the first and depicts artwork from a scene straight out of the book. The detail in this cover is alluring and makes the reader curious about the story, especially seeing someone who looks like they are being taken into custody, while they are wearing masks, and then people randomly sitting and standing in the background, as if deliberating their next move. Also, the story is very well-written with a few minor spelling or grammatical errors; however, these may have been cleaned up before the final publish. If you are a reader of paranormal, crime fiction, psychological suspense, and mystery, you may be interested in this second installment. It is recommended that the first installment in the series is read prior to this as it is a direct continuance.

An advanced electronic copy of this book was provided to Turning Another Page by Reedsy Discovery and in no way affects the honesty of this review. We provide a five-star rating to Ripped Away by S.D. Christopher.

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S.D. wrote his first two novels in the Uncommon Senses series while commuting on New Jersey Transit trains into New York City. He currently resides in suburban North Carolina with his pastry chef wife, adorable daughter, and wimpy cat, and now enjoys a much shorter commute. view profile

Published on April 07, 2020

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