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Rieden Reece and the Broken Moon


Loved it! 😍

This delightful sci fi/fantasy is a luminous read and a feast for the imagination!

“We’ve got a planet to save, a sister to find, and librarians to kill!” It’s all in a day’s work in this delightful sci fi/fantasy read.

Thirteen year-old Rieden “Ri” has a gift. He can predict the future. But when a giant hand suddenly emerges from a crack in the moon, that ability is put to the test in this fast-moving, mind-bending romp into a weird world of dastardly villains, dashing heroes, and other discoveries.

After a harrowing trip to the library, Ri discovers that the crack in the world is spreading fast. Ri and his “side kick,” a shadow man named Rozul, soon discover that their adventure has become far more dangerous than expected. Questions also begin to pile up. Among them: Did Rozul really break Ri’s universe “in ways that defied logic”? How do you search for lost memories? Where do you start? How about library books that spin and shuffle with words that are “sparkle and vibrate”? Why are “fake” humans hiding secrets? How can the moon be fixed? Has Ri “sleep-slipped” into an alternate reality? Can he eat his memories before they’re gone forever ? Or is something else going on?

The taut plot traces a rising line of tension and intrigue as we follow Ri and Rozul in and out of one hair-raising adventure after another. There’s looking for something. Something that was lost. Something that requires friendship and love to recover. Can they find the "something" before it's too late?

This is a finely craftly, highly readable action and adventure story with a generous dose of sci fi. You never know what will happen next - except it will be unexpected. And probably make you jump. And wonder why Ri’s entire neighborhood has suddenly gone silent. Or why the heads of his adult neighbors and his mom have suddenly turned into “a black ball universe instead of a human head.”

Told in the third person, the narration is dynamic, with each chapter flowing smoothly into the next in a cascading waterfall of pooled drama and excitement.

An agile and active plot includes a hefty dose of sass and spunk along with a bit of levity. (“She’s dead. She’s gone. She’s ancient history channel.”) Ditto clever word play. The alliterative chapter headings are a hoot. Also featured are deliciously maleficent villains, both human and not-so-human. (Warning: You may never look at a librarian, a straw hat, or chocolate quite the same after reading this book!)

This book will keep readers guessing and turning pages all the way to the end. And talk about a surprise ending. I did not see that one coming!

“Broken moons. Lost memories. Muddled powers. …Whatcha gonna do?” If you enjoy Chris van Allsburg, Rod Serling, Lewis Carroll, J.D. Salinger, the movie Arrival, or all of the above, you’ll enjoy Rieden Reece and the Broken Moon. It’s a luminous read and a feast for the imagination! Recommended for Young Adult readers and up.

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The Mysterious Moon

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After managing restaurants for 20 years, Matt made a drastic decision. Quit. And used what he learned the hard way about leadership and communication to help children. He’s obsessed with emotional health. He crafts sci-fi stories for his twelve-year-old self—still hiding inside his adult brain. view profile

Published on January 03, 2023

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