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Resurrecting Rain


Worth reading 😎

This book is a good look at how even our choices determine our path going forward and we may be surprised where we end up.

“Everywhere, every step we take is a choice. We can’t choose what happens, but we choose how we respond. “ These words are spoken by one of the characters in Resurrecting Rain and it is pretty much the big lesson that I took away from the book.

From all outward appearances, Deena and her husband Martin are your typical All-American upper middle class family. Gainfully employed, two nearly grown children, big house, two cars. But they are just one poor decision away from a very bad situation.

When we join Deena in the opening pages of the book we find her in quite a desperate state as her life as she knew it is crumbling around her. As we follow her on her journey we watch her navigate her new life and find a new normal. However, things are not going to stay static for long. Deena, in many ways, sees herself as a victim, but has to learn that she is just as accountable for her actions and the repercussions of them. In fact, we find later that this is not the first time she has started over--though her family does not know about this yet.

Deena is not the only one in her family who has to learn some important lessons. In fact nearly every character learns that you can try to walk away from your problems, but you may find out that each step takes you around a circle until you're face to face with what you tried to avoid in the first place.

Resurrecting Rain had some difficult moments and it certainly wasn’t an easy read, but it is a good story and one that many readers will find themselves lost in. I certainly enjoyed this book. The writing was very good I found myself reading longer each day than I had anticipated as I wanted to see what happened next.

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Resurrecting Rain

About the author

Patricia Averbach is the former director of the Chautauqua Writers’ Center. Her second novel, Resurrecting Rain, won a Royal Palm Literary Award from the Florida Writers Association and was a semi-finalist for a Tucson Festival of Books Literary Award. She won the 2013 Lumen/Camden prize for poetry. view profile

Published on February 03, 2020

Published by Golden Antelope Press

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Genre: Contemporary Fiction

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