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Rescued from the Shadows by Katherine Rybarczyk


Not for me 😔

Years of torment and mental illness bravely shared; from ashes, beauty arises! One is never too far gone for God's great love to reach them.

Although this book is an easy read it's also incredibly difficult. It's a book that opens the door to see into the world of those less fortunate, those who are most vulnerable and easily preyed upon by others, and the inner-workings of mental illness that when left untreated causes additional issues of instability and waywardness. If you read between the lines of all that's left unsaid, it's heart-and-gut-wrenching and almost makes you want to turn away!

That leads me into this, much is described within the sin aspect but not enough is shared regarding the "new creation" and the escape from the pit into what life looks like for this author now. From hopelessness arises hope and a fresh start within a new found, true faith and belief in the Holy Trinity. However, to truly have this author's words inspire or encourage others, more needs to be shared in regards to the ways in which others can find their own way to becoming something new too. A call to action, at the end of the book, is not enough to go on. It's the "what comes next" that's missing.

The take away's that are paramount include that of learning to love oneself and to practice self-care. To love yourself enough to not sell yourself short; or, to the first person that shows interest in you. To not give yourself over to sexual lusts and desires that only serve to rob you of your self-worth and cause you to feel used. To love yourself enough to wait until marriage to be intimate with another.

This is a cautionary tale about what not to do as a parent. How everything you do, and the choices you make, has lasting effects that leaves others (at times) unmoored within your wake. This is also a tale of redemption. No matter how bad someone's beginnings, no matter how bad they become steeped in sinful patterns, God can still turn their life around! No one is ever too far gone and no one is unreachable when it comes to God's great love, His grace, and mercy everlasting.

It takes bravery to share all that the author does here. To lay oneself completely bare. What this book lacks in actionable steps a reader can take with them it does make up for in seeing how far removed from God one can be and yet still be saved.

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Hello, my name is Katherine Lynn Rybarczyk and "Rescued from the Shadows" is an autobiography and my first book. I am a born again disabled Christian woman who lives alone with a cat. I can be contacted at: view profile

Published on July 13, 2020

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