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After an unfortunate Halloween party, Hannah struggles with her sense of self and opening up about her sexual assault.

At my age, and having not experienced extreme sexual assault, I don’t think I’m the target audience for this book. However, I think a young adult audience and survivors of sexual assault may gain more from this book than I did. The reigning message in this book, which is rape doesn't diminish one’s value as a person and brings about lots of complexities. Granted it’s a sensitive subject, is handled well at first. However, it encompasses the entire plot of the story to the point I began to wonder if any closure or solution would be reached over the course of 300 pages.

The choices Hannah makes are understandable, after all, she just suffered a traumatic experience, but she never stops blaming herself for something that wasn't her fault despite the support and reassurance of those around her. The biggest flaw is in her friendships, especially the one she has with Sierra. Despite Sierra being the friend that put her in a dangerous environment to begin with, Hannah hardly directs any anger or blame her way. Instead, she directs that toward everyone else in her life, delaying her recovery process.

“She wanted to find Sierra and tell her something was wrong, she was sick or something, but she couldn’t remember how to get from the living room to the kitchen to see if she was there.”

The two friends were supposed to stick together, and Hannah is not the partying type anyways but went to support her friend who was not there for her when she needed her in an unfamiliar place. As the story draws to a close, it becomes apparent that Sierra is also a victim and dealing with her own demons similar to Hannah, but it doesn’t excuse her not sticking by Hannah during the party.

I found the characters to be somewhat one-dimensional and boring. Hannah has the most developed character in the entire story and almost everyone else could be developed more in their personalities and behaviors. 

Still, the author nicely transitions settings and illustrates the challenges of bullying in a way that can resonate with a young audience. Another positive aspect is the crisis and help hotlines provided at the beginning of the book before the story starts, I think readers who have suffered bullying, contemplated suicide, or sexual assault could find these helpful.

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A Fateful Decision

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Jack A. Ori is a transgender life coach and writer whose mission is to empower young adults through stories to live life on their own terms, especially young people who face significant obstacles to success such as discrimination, poverty, or mental illness. view profile

Published on April 11, 2020

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