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Recruitability: A strategic job-hunting guide with the inside scoop from a recruiter


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A book made for every shade of young professional seeking meaningful employment

Ah, the good old days of job hunting after completing formal education. Aged twenty one, the uncertainty, the nerves, the utter confusion of it all. What is a soft skill, and how does it relate to an entirely fictional scenario on which item of stationery I'd rescue from a building of flaming stakeholders on a hard deadline? (And yes, apparently there's a correct answer.)

Who am I kidding? Job searching was an utter stress-fest.

"Recruitability: A strategic job-hunting guide with the inside scoop from a recruiter" by Nikki Niemczycki aims to cut out the corporate jargon from the world of recruitment. Spread across eleven chapters, Niemczycki takes readers on a journey to find the right first job, including chapters on how to approach the career market and the right type of entry roles to apply for, through to general interview technics and how to negotiate a fair deal with employers. The introductory chapter outlining the author's experiences as both an employee and recruiter of some 5000 candidates across multiple industries is also a nice touch, alongside the supportive words contained within the conclusion.

This is a nicely written book, packed full of detail and insight, and aimed predominantly for a first time job hunter within the American market. For those wanting something visually stimulating it is worth noting the book is formatted of block prose as opposed to any illustrative diagrams, making it more of a detailed read as opposed to a quick pick-up and put down text. And, before someone makes the comment, "recruitability" is not a word, although it has a catchy element to it and might have been created for trademark and future branding purposes. All that said, if you crave juicy chunks of information and put aside English grammar for half a second then this book will perfectly suit your needs.

Niemczycki's wealth of knowledge shines through across the full breadth of "Recruitability..." in a book made for every shade of young professional seeking meaningful employment. An informative read.

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Nikki Niemczycki, a tenured recruiter, shares insights from her experience interviewing and hiring over 5,000 candidates across several industries. Nikki’s advice includes job-search success stories from both the employer and employee perspectives. view profile

Published on March 30, 2023

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