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Worth reading 😎

“Reaper” is a good young adult fantasy story that could be great with some tweaking.

There plot and characters were pretty good and had a lot of potential to go far. I loved the name choices and the originality of the plot.

It’s hard to find a young adult fantasy reads that follow male protagonists these days since almost all of them follow female protagonists now. It had a movie vibe to it but that was partly because of the telling that was going on. I was filling the gaps. I really wanted to like this story more (the four or five star kind of like) but it fell flat because of one key component—the writing.

There’s a lot of passive voice and not an equal balance of telling/showing in this story. Again, I was envisioning the story greater and far beyond what little was actually ‘told’ and described on the page. A reader shouldn’t be doing that legwork.

One of the main concern I had as a reader and person of the industry is that there were several grammatical, editorial errors in the manuscript. For someone that doesn’t know the Chicago Manual Style rules, some might be passable mistakes. But, the readers might stop and question others. My suggestion is that a copy editor have a glance at manuscript before moving forward with publication.

Lastly, I would like to throw it out there that the title is a spectacular pick. Simple but effective!

This is a great book to sell to families with young boys wanting to read books with male protagonists. A few fixes should be made, in my opinion. Overall, this was okay but not something I would buy for my younger brother (13 years old) to read if it’s published the way that it is now.

Thanks Zimbell House and Josh Price for the opportunity to read this manuscript for an honest review.

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Published on October 09, 2019

Published by Zimbell House

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