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Realm of Lost Souls by JM Hart has the potential to be an entertaining story, but there are a lot of factors that just don't make the cut.

Have you ever wondered what other realms or dimensions may exist outside of this one? There are stories and legends about souls passing from one world into others, but is that thought fascinating or terrifying? Hart brings a new take to multi-dimensional layers of the universe with book one of the Chronicles of the Supernatural. The concepts within Realm of Lost Souls fill the reader with a renewed sense of faith and awe for different cultural beliefs as Hart leads her characters on a journey to find what is lost.

Jade has taken it upon herself to find her father. She is not alone, which is helpful. Her two traveling companions include her mother and a close friend named Kevin. Going back to the last known place her father would have been, the three must now track Jade's father's movements and find the one that is called Thunder Cloud. It is quite evident that their journey will not be an easy one and that they will learn many things along the way. Jade's powers put her in danger in this new world that they've entered, a sort of post-apocalyptic land where demons and spirits co-mingle. What can be salvaged? How can they ever expect to find him when deceit lies everywhere? Being the descendant of a powerful medicine woman, Jade is afraid to welcome the power and challenges that she will undoubtedly face, but if not her, then who else?

Hart has a potentially aspiring and entertaining story filled with creativity and cultural prowess, but that is where it stops. While reading this novel, it is apparent that some background history is missing. This is very detrimental to the story, especially after finding that another series has the information in it to understand the relationships between the characters and the world that they came from as opposed to the one being traveled in this book. This is something that can be easily remedied with a "look back" chapter or reminder dialogue of what happened throughout the story. This would be helpful for those who pick up book one and have never read the author previously. It also potentially helps readers who have read the previous series and may just want a refresher of what happened when a past event is being referenced. Either way, adding this is good practice if the book is being classified within a new series. Also, there are so many spelling and grammatical errors that it makes it difficult to enjoy the story. Choppy sentences, sentence splicing, overused pronouns, incomplete sentences, and tense differentiation encompass most of the story. It is recommended for the the author to go back and rework this first installment as there is a lot to be desired, which drives us to provide Realm of Lost Souls with a two-star rating.

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Published on November 28, 2019

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