Rambling Across America: The Tale of One Country Boy's Unstoppable Dream



This book is about music, life, love, tears, happiness, uncertainty, adventure, and all those great things that come together to define us. It is a true journey of inspiration. This book will help you find the confidence and the courage to pursue your own dreams.

Imagine being able to create the life you have always desired. Imagine living the life you have always craved. Imagine your dreams becoming true.

That’s what this book is about. I was there. I dreamed. I imagined. Then I made it happen. And you can too.

One thing is clear in these pages — life is short. There is no time to waste. Come follow the vivid imagery of this life-changing adventure.

Whether you are a musician, songwriter, or just someone who needs a bit of positive light in your life, Rambling Across America will help spark your own inner voice to leave your mark on this world in a positive manner.

Join Tommy in his destiny as he traveled the “Confessions of a Dreamer Tour” along the roadways in his truck armed with nothing but a dream.


Confessions of a Dreamer

“Congratulations! Today is your day. You’re off to Great Places! You’re off and away!”—Dr. Seuss

I have often thought of myself as odd, an outsider, or sometimes even a misfit. My perspective of the world conveyed differently than most. I desired to live a life among a creative plane instead of a competitive one. I believed there was plenty for everyone, a Universe of abundance. I longed for financial freedom along with location independence comparable to the masses, yet, I wished to achieve this differently than most. I desired to utilize the imagination as well as creativity to inspire and deliver value to the world. I craved adventure. I yearned for journeys. God created an amazing world. I believed it was my intention to taste, touch, see, and hear everything I could. I visualized myself on pilgrimages carrying a backpack or in an RV traveling. Though I pondered a home base; a site to be used to rest or to write blogs and books about the adventures as I planned new ones. Mostly, I was in motion. I wished to act in a certain way.

As a small child, mostly alone, I utilized my imagination to enhance my daily adventures. When I became an adult, I disagreed it must stop. I trusted there was always a child inside of us requiring play as well as fun. Through maintaining a child’s curiosity, the world maintained a magical realm.

Though I may have followed the norm a majority of my adult life, the inner voice always whispered, “continue your curiosity.” The year of 2012 was the initial onset of truly listening. I decided to resign a position most stated was a dream job. I was employed as a physician assistant. My employer was the team physician for two Major League Baseball Teams. With the resignation, I was called a fool by numerous individuals, including family. Nonetheless, I yearned to journey on a pilgrimage. Through unwavering faith, prayer, along with research, I departed from the norm. I walked the Camino de Santiago, “A Country Boy on the Camino.” Unfortunately, in November of the same year, I returned to the path everyone stated was the correct path. I attempted to adjust myself back "into the mold," so to speak. Nevertheless, the entire time I was at work at a "regular" job, my dreams along with the road were always calling to me. The voice denied being held silent.

Again, in late 2015, I returned to my inner self for guidance. The result was the “Confessions of a Dreamer Tour” described in the following pages.

The most popular question I was asked was “Why abandon security for uncertainty?” After pondering the question, my response was simple: “Why not, life was short; get busy living or get busy dying,” inspired by the movie Shawshank Redemption.

About the author

Tommy Ray became an author to create value and inspiration to the world. He desires all to leave their mark, do not take this life for granted, as well as never give up on your dreams. Through a creative voice, he desires to illuminate a path for all proving anything is possible through action. view profile

Published on September 14, 2018

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