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Raising Praises: A Collection of Poems


This book will launch on Jan 1, 2021. Currently, only those with the link can see it. 🔒

The poems, prose, and stories in Raising Praises, are short, inspiring and edifying. This book is not, only, for Christians, but seekers, as well. Any age can enjoy Raising Praises. The poems and prose are psalm-like, raising praises to the Lord and of his love for us. There are some poem stories, as well. I invite you to feed your soul and reap the bundle of refreshment and joy that God has waiting, just for you.

Raising Praises

A Quest for Love

 A young man searched, far and wide,
for a love to call his own.
There was a longing deep within
the chambers of his soul.

He set upon a quest for love
to fill the emptiness within.
In spite of searching earnestly,
no true love came to him.

Until one day of sunshine,
he met a girl with golden hair.
He spoke with her and heard her say,
“God’s love is everywhere”.

So he opened up his heart
and she helped him say a prayer.
Then he knew God’s love was his
and had always been right there. 

When his heart received Gods love,
he was able to love others.
and the girl with golden hair,
loved him for forever.

A Village in the Valley

Twas a village in the valley,
with gently rolling hills.
All the people loved it greatly
and longed to do God’s will.

Love and friendship filled their hearts
and evil could not stand,
for in the hearts of everyone,
the light of the Lord was grand.

One day the tempter came their way
to spread his vicious lies;
but the people did not listen,
for Christ's light had made them wise.

He Made Us To Love Us

He loves when we love Him,
the most gracious One.
He made us to love us
by giving us his Son.

Jesus is God’s son,
the Shepherd of men.
He watches o’er the flock
to the least of them.

A man of miracles,
compassion and grace.
To the proud he was stern
while the humble he embraced.

He faced much temptation,
the same as all men
and fought hard and conquered.
He never gave in.

His death on the cross
was for you and for me.
He took on our sin
and his death set us free.

Through the love of our Savior,
we are eternally His.

Inside Heaven’s Gate

The way is long
but the reward is great
once you pass
through heaven’s gate
you will see
a splendid state
of peace and joy
no sorrow or hate
of fun and laughter
inside Heaven’s gate


When my life is o’er
and my plans have reached an end,
any sorrow that I’ve suffered
will vanish like the wind.

The joy of meeting Jesus,
face to face for the first time,
will dismiss all my tears
and his beauty shall be mine.

About the author

Writing poetry is my favorite past time. I've written and published 7 books. They are all poetry laden. My poems are short and inventive being designed to bring joy to the reader. In a poem, one can experience anything that the mind can think of. There is no end to what can be imagined. Enjoy! view profile

Published on January 30, 2021

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Genre: Christian Fiction

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