Social & Family Issues

Quiet Screams to the Quiet Healer


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Sanjana is raised in a home of domestic abuse. To avoid watching the torture at home, she sneaks into the comfort of Kriti's house after school hours. Kriti, her best friend, is battling days with her dying father, being tested against her endurance towards unreasonable punishments at school. When a frightening event happens to their schoolmates, the girls stumble upon a strange discovery about the town library guard. It takes them several other strange encounters with this man to come to recognize a dark truth---an untold story. Then, one day, the best friends part from each other as Sanjana moves to another city. In the new city, the domestic abuse that Sanjana experiences at home intensifies and becomes more cruel in character. Her cousin is tossed into spirals of brutal inflictions by his own parents for resisting the career choice they had in mind for him. A massive fall hits the servant's boy she has befriended that slays through Sanjana's heart.
Will Sanjana be able to use each of these stories of domestic abuse and despair to help youths disconnect from such pain and reclaim the peace they deserve?! Find out in the book.


Are there really only happy children?

There are those who are well-fed and express themselves unrestrained and return to the safety of a happy home. They come in a lot of shades because our lives are all different but every shade is a variation of the happy—the beloved obedient, the troublesome, the intelligent and the stupid, the smart and the dull. They are all loved.

And there are those children who are poorly fed, mud-smeared, and sauntering in the streets, their needs never noticed. Yet these children are joyous of the delights in the empty fields or the waterhole. That’s the source of their happiness. But, well, regarding the unfed, God be with them!

There is another kind. The beaten. This is brutal for they are born to be beaten and clipped off their natural selves, inquisitive and queer. No questions can be asked. No mistakes can be made. No failures can be had. God be with them, too!

In a shade not so different from the beaten is Sanjana’s story. This shade isn’t noticed either. But if you visited her home, your observations would be limited. Because you, an outsider, would be exempted from all the malice, temporarily swept underneath the rug. You would see happy smiling faces. But after you leave, she would have to witness it all. She saw it, the horror. Every single day.

So she returns home daily to a stage play of torture. While her friends desire home, she desires to be away. It’s her salvation. But how can a child be away from home? They are dependent, aren’t they? So she really is chained. She simply cannot refuse. It’s a forced experience. You have to witness it or leave home. She never considered leaving home. If she left, she would die anyway. So the choices are to stay at home and survey the delights of barbarity, or to leave home, starve, and die. She never even considered the latter. Quite like the habitually beaten children, you will agree.

But she grew, and she will show it to you. She will show how even such pain can be used to heal. And to flatten your doubts further, you will see how strong some relations can really be.

Her story is based on a collection of incidents from people’s real lives.

About the author

Hi, I am a doctor-turned-full-time novelist and motivational speaker. I see myself as a visionary. Besides, I cannot imagine a day without being of service to mankind or stray animals. And yes, I will never stop writing. I just can't! My hands will move on their own even if I stop! view profile

Published on February 13, 2020

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90000 words

Contains explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Social & Family Issues

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