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Purgatory Voyage


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Can anyone experience life after death for a few days in his present life? Believe me, it was possible earlier. Around 1000 years back, anyone could go for a purgatory voyage to experience life after death for 12 days through a tunnel in Bharmaur, Himachal Pradesh. But no one could recall what happened to him during his purgatory voyage. Once, a person from Bundelkhand, named Kalidas went for a purgatory voyage. He experienced life after death and surprisingly, he was able to recall all those incidents of a different planet. After returning to his state, he embarked on a discourse about his purgatory voyage and his scary encounters with the King of Bundelkhand.

Could anyone believe in his riveting account of the voyage or people smelled a foul play?

About the author

Adarsh Kumar Khare is a software professional with more than 20 years of experience in the software industry. He holds a Master’s degree in Software Systems from BITS Pilani He is passionate about mythology and occultism. The story in Purgatory Voyage demystifies the mystery of after-death life. view profile

Published on September 30, 2020

50000 words

Genre: Historical Mysteries