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Prize at the Bottom of the Box


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"Prize at the Bottom of the Box" would make a great gift for 5 to 10 years. It was a fun story that your child(ren) will love to read.

Kids have vivid imaginations. They can make an ordinary object extraordinary. Kids also love bubbles. They especially love when the tub is overflowing with bubbles. 8-year-old Leighton is no different. In Prize at the Bottom of the Box, Leighton's bubble bath becomes extra fun when her bathtub turns into a cereal box with rainbow bits and rainbow marshmallows mixed in with the avalanche of bubbles. 

As a child, I would dig to the bottom for the prize in the box. It was the second-best part of opening a box of cereal. The first is the marshmallows. The prizes varied, but typically there was a temporary tattoo, a plastic toy, or a color-changing spoon. My childhood prizes were lame compared to what Leighton was gifted: THREE WISHES. As you can imagine, Leighton's friends are ecstatic and know precisely what they want. Those wishes will remain a surprise, and so will Leighton's until you read the book!

Leighton's treasure hunt will take her on a grand adventure with a doll (Vicky) and a super-sized rubber ducky by her side as they face off against a pink pig who wears pearls and can transform into an evil octopus. The octopus's sinister smile reminded me of Ursula (The Little Mermaid). 

Have you ever swam in a tub of cereal? I'd be surprised if anyone reading this said yes. But, swimming through cereal poses challenges that Leighton and her friends face and conquer. Besides the thick waters and rocky waves, they had to figure out how to best the octopus. Did they? Oh yeah, but how they beat him plays into the three wishes, so I will keep that a secret. 

Prize at the Bottom of the Box would make a great gift for 5 to 10 years. It was a fun read that your child(ren) will love. 

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Join 8-year-old Leighton, full of glee, when her bubbly bath turns into cereal you see.

In the tub, she swims and dives, imagine the adventure that comes alive. The bubbles in the bath, the cereal box so fun, in the "Prize at the Bottom of the Box", a children's book for everyone!

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Published on April 15, 2023

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