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Predator in the House


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An action packed book that explores the disturbing reality of child exploitation, an issue that the vigilante protagonist vows to solve.

This book tells the story of a detective working in the Sex Crimes Unit who vows to seek justice for victims of sexual crime by any means necessary. The main character, Karl, faces a number of difficulties, including a diagnosis of cancer and a toxic marriage. The text follows his life and the complications that dealing with sexual predators leads to as he rids communities of them one by one. During his vendetta, Karl experiences a series of complications that threaten to destroy his need to cleanse society of predators, a task given to him by God. It’s a text that explores the very real issue of child exploitation and does so in a way that allows readers to recognise signs of sexual exploitation.

I thought that this was a well written book, full of twists and turns that made me want to continue reading. However, I did think that the plot unravelled a bit quickly and there were possibly too many events that occurred in such a small space of time. Saying this, it was an action packed text and I did enjoy reading it. The use of the toxic marriage as a secondary pitfall to the protagonist’s life added an extra element of suspense. The descriptive nature of the events that took place were one of my favourite elements of the text, it lead to me analysing every part of the main character’s movements and really getting involved in the plot.

This hasn’t been my favourite book to read as I thought it was too fast moving and I didn’t have much chance to take in the different plot lines completely. However, I would say that it is worth a read as the plot is full to the brim of action, suspense and twists. The perfect reader for this would be someone who is a true crime fanatic and who enjoys a crime novel/series. It may be a difficult read for some due to the issues that it discusses, however, it is such an important topic that is bravely covered by the author and is one that is not highlighted enough within literature.

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The Dark Saint

About the author

Hello, Predator in the House is my third novel. I began writing after retiring and being widowed. Writing my first book, Kitchen Canary, Irish historical fiction, proved cathartic. Predator is an intriguing and entertaining novel, written to entertain and raise awareness of child trafficking. Enjoy. view profile

Published on September 07, 2020

70000 words

Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Worked with a Reedsy professional 🏆

Genre: Mystery & Crime

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