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The first book in S. Behr’s Evolutionaries series risks falling into a number of tropes and stereotypes but instead exceeds expectations.

This book starts out at a quick and intense fast pace. Violet’s coming of age test of her powers goes awry, causing her to fatally wound her own father. With many books that start so fast-paced, things often swing back in the other direction and end up unbearably slow, but that was not at all the case here. The plot stays full of intrigue and action from start to finish. The author does a great job hooking in the reader and keeping them interested well past the last page.

Violet, as the main character, does fall into some of the tropes of other “Princess separate from home” protagonists, but she grows into an interesting and unique lead. The cast is also filled with other unique characters, like the one of a kind AI, Hailey, who helps Violet throughout her story. I do wish that many of the characters had been introduced earlier on because they are so important to the plot.

At first, I had trouble understanding Violet’s world and I had a lot of questions in the opening chapters. It at first seemed medieval-esque but had elements of science fiction mixed in. However, the author slowly unfolds details about Violet’s kingdom and surrounding countries to turn her setting into a unique world that melds dystopia, sci-fi, and fantasy in a way that I grew to love. The author manages to find the perfect mix of technology and magic.

The first book in S. Behr’s Evolutionaries series risks falling into a number of tropes and stereotypes but instead exceeds expectations. The plot is filled with high-intensity moments and twists that make for exciting reads. Violet and the others in the cast are well-developed and intriguing. But my favorite part of the book ended up being the world the author created, which is a fun and unique mix of sci-fi, dystopia, and fantasy. I’m looking forward to seeing how these elements continue to develop in the next books in the series.

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When the unthinkable happens, tearing her heart and her family in two, Violet, Princess of Neyr, the third of the Nine Realms of Amera, flees and is caught in a tidal wave of events that brings her face to face with forgotten truths buried for millennia.

Only the discovery of a thousand lifetimes may provide the key to her return home, and when old enemies arrive on the shores of Neyr, distrust and prejudice resurface. Secrets begin to explode all around Violet, setting her world on fire, all those she loves fall victim to a terrorists' plans to eradicated their enemies. But Amera stands in their way, and with no mercy, the enemy is willing to go through the innocent to get what they want.

Violet turns to her best friend Lily, and a few unexpected new friends, who band together to save what they can of her realm, and the rest of Amera. But in the storm that has turned her world upside down, will Violet be able to overcome the nightmare of her past in order to save the future of everyone in Amera, and perhaps the world?

This first volume in the Evolutionaries series skillfully balances intriguing worldbuilding [...] with well-paced action sequences. It also ably handles Violet’s character development along the way while also offering a diverse, lovable supporting cast whose members become the protagonist’s close friends and allies. A notable and thoughtful addition to the crowded shelf of post-apocalyptic YA novels. – Kirkus Reviews

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Published on November 11, 2019

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