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Powder Burns: An Orphic Assassin Novel


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Historical, intriguing novel about a man who has lived several lives as an assassin.

Powder Burns: an Orphic Assassin Novel is a very intriguing novel that includes

various times in history through the lens of a reincarnated assassin. The leading

assassin, Damian Attica, keeps you hanging by a thread on how he grows in each

life and how he weighs good versus bad.

The novel first starts in present time, with the assassin Damian Atticus, killing a

man then going to visit his hypnotherapist for a session. As he falls in to his session,

he relives his time as Damian Attica, assassin, in the 1855, New Mexico Territory. In

this particular life, he kills two men under the rich man, Greeley's, gang. The two

men are killed by Attica for their brutal attack on another man's daughter. Greeley

tries to come after Attica and try to brutally murder him. Fortunately, Attica

survives and goes on a spree to get back at Greeley.

In another life line, the reader also gets to see where it all began for Damian. In

ancient Greece, 435 BC, Damian is an early teen, who showed up mysteriously to

the Orphic Temple. There he has to learn where he comes from and who he is. This

helps to build more context and character of Damian Attica.

Powder Burns: An Orphic Assassin was such a great book to read. It really captured

my attention and had me captivated to read more. Each life that Damian lived in

this novel had a great story that provided not only historical context, but superb

vision. The only negative I had of the book, was that it did take me the first few

chapters to understand why the book kept switching back and forth between

Damian's life in Greece to the one in the New Mexico territory. Overall, this book

was an exciting read. I suggest that if you are into historical fiction and

reincarnation, this book is a very fun and exciting read.

For a side note, if you are not into very detailed and graphic murders, this book

might not be for you. There are some very extreme and gruesome deaths in the

book. However, I felt that this helped shape the context of the characters.

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Sam Luna lives in a very small apartment in Los Angeles with his patient wife. He spends his free time hiking in Griffith Park and drinking too much iced tea. Much unlike the Orphic Assassin, he has fainted twice at the sight of blood. view profile

Published on February 02, 2021

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