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Portals of Hope


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What if we really can step through the looking glass and find a place that’s similar, yet vastly different?

Being a Star Trek fan, I’ve gone down the road of alternate universes several times, and each time I found the journey intriguing and thought-provoking. What if the exact opposite of myself exists just half a second behind me? What if every possible outcome of every choice I’ve ever made has its own reality? What if we really can step through the looking glass and find a place that’s similar, yet vastly different? 

Cate Hallahan’s Portals of Hope sent me, and will send readers, in another direction along the same path of parallel universes. Her lead character, Hope, finds herself in foreign, alternate, territory after an accident that causes her slightly inept….or perhaps just cunning….spirit guide to shift her existence from our reality to another.

Complex? Yes. In fact, I found myself re-reading sections from time to time just to make sure I knew which reality I was in, but I’ve always enjoyed a read I have to work for a little. The characters were dynamic and unique, not always opposite in the way I might conceive opposite to be. Not only were the characters dichotic, but the cultures of the alternative realities as well. Clever? Absolutely. So much so, that I once again found myself wondering who resides on the opposite side of my mirror.

Portals of Hope opened not only polar spheres of reality for the character to traverse, but it led me down multiple metaphysical paths where I had to pause and give my ruminations the opportunity to express themselves. When an author can not only weave a complex and beguiling tale that draws you in and gets you to invest, but also succeeds in making you wonder about things you rarely, if ever, considered, that author has struck the perfect balance between reality and ….well, the alternative.  

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Cate Hallahan lives in the Toronto community of Long Branch on the shore of Lake Ontario with her husband, Michael, and their extended family. Cate’s aspiration to become an author originated with the thought What a wonderful world it could be if everyone was kind to one another. view profile

Published on June 17, 2020

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Genre: Science Fiction

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