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For anyone unsure of the next step to take, open up this book and lead yourself down the PAC path to success!

Marchesa Schroeder introduces readers into the life changing movement known as "Plot-a-course" or PAC as it is referred to in the book. Originally coined by her father, Schroeder takes his initial idea of PAC and backs it up with loads of scientific studies and personal anecdotes. The PAC course is broken down into 8 steps, each step having its own chapter, so readers can consume one step at a time or plow through the book, although Schroeder recommends against that. Along the way, Schroeder shares mantras and suggestions of rewards and celebratory actions to keep her PAC life leaders motivated to continue along their path. There are sections within the book to add in the reader's own thoughts and is meant to act as a sort of workbook to sort through ideas. Overall, Schroeder lays out a system to lead the reader down a self-drawn course to success.

Having read plenty of self-help books in my lifetime, I found Schroeder's sense of wit and humor refreshing as many books can get bogged down in the psychological studies and data points. She provides loads of background as to the history of the PAC plan coming to life, which, while interesting to hear of her family dynamics, is fairly lengthy. It takes quite a while to get to Step 1 of the process and for some, it may take some patience to get to the meat of the book. At the end of each step, she lays out suggestions for "Carrots" (rewards) and "Confetti" (celebrations) for completing each step of the program. While these suggestions are very helpful, she provided the same exact examples after each step rather than listing different examples which I found to be a lost opportunity.

Overall, at the end of the book I felt inspired to get up and start taking some actions. Schroeder states in her book that PAC is only for people who are ready to start making changes, and I would have to agree. This is not a book for people looking for a little inspiration in life, but rather a book for the serious person looking for a structured way of "plotting-a-course" to their own success. While a little pushy at times, I think readers will enjoy Schroeder's witty and conversational tone.

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The Birth of Plot-A-Course

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Published on December 22, 2019

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