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Pink Panthers: The Greatest Thieves


Loved it! 😍

Shocking and interesting. This would be a perfect read for someone who loves an action packed read.

I think that this book did well to really blend a variety of genres whilst at all times remaining a unique story. This is a real-life story following the infamous group known as the Pink Panthers who were diamond thieves. After carrying out multiple successful heists in Antwerp, Tokyo and London the group are recruiting for an upcoming heist due to happen in Paris. This story of the group carrying out heists continues until one day where the cracks begin to show and the group is divided over how the takings are going to be split amongst them. If they cannot come to a decision a whole new crew will need to be formed for the next heist!

The story was dark, dramatic, action-packed, and historical whilst also displaying relationships wonderfully. I think it showed a real honesty when it come to family conflict and you are forced to really look at these characters. Following a group of characters who are on the wrong side of the law is always interesting as they are often morally grey and I find it very fascinating to see different moral limits and the codes and rules each character will choose to live by.

In terms of the writing, the plot was so intricate and the details were expertly woven into the story that you are now forced to endure and it does cause you to question how much research went into this story.

This is nota story I had high hopes for as I do not typically like this genre but I was hooked and thoroughly enjoyed my time reading this book. I am very grateful to the author for allowing me to read this story early! I would recommend this book to those who love stories with morally grey characters and books about crime and the life of a criminal.

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Neboysha Saikovski lived and worked in 4 continents and survived 4 wars, walking the paths of his characters, and turned his extensive experience into inspirational stories telling about paradoxes of the modern world, which will make you laugh and cry while reading it but unable to put it off! view profile

Published on June 09, 2020

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