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Piki Goes Flying


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"Piki Goes Flying" serves dual purposes; it entertains while educating listeners regarding flying with a service dog.

Piki Goes Flying is the second in a series of three adventure books about Piki (rhymes with sneaky), a Service Dog, by author and illustrator Joan M Hellquist. In this under-50-page tale, we follow Piki as she takes her first airplane flight. We see the adventure through the eyes of the canine. 

Service dogs are vital to many individuals' mental and physical well-being. They come in different sizes and breeds, requiring exceptional training to complement their owner's wants and needs. They are introduced to various scenarios and locations, acclimating themselves to whatever situations might arise. 

Piki was preparing for their first flight, which entailed Joan (trainer and owner) prepping them before stepping onto a plane. The process was enlightening. Joan set up rows of chairs, simulating aisles on an aircraft. After Piki grew comfortable navigating the rows and listening to commands on the flight simulator, they headed inside a local airport. There, I learned how escalators are hazardous to a dog's nails. I never saw them as a threat to animals; I do now. 

Airports are busy, loud, and crowded, and animals must be prepared for the hustle and bustle they will encounter. Being a service dog means they must be hyper-vigilant to an owner's every need. I found it cute how Joan and Piki conversed with each other, as we all do with our furbabies. We watched as Piki went through a metal detection screening and received wings from the Captain. Joan M Hellquist did a lovely job explaining to Piki and readers at home the role of a captain, what TSA means, and what the three-letter code on our baggage ticket means. 

Piki was quiet as a church mouse throughout the entire flight. They became a bit vocal when they touched down, but that only made them more endearing. 

After the charming story, the author included questions and answers to help young readers gain insight into a few areas featured in the story. For example, Tiki explains why participating in the "Lawn Chair Squeeze" was essential to elevating fears of flight. You really do not want an animal panicking thousands of feet in the air. 

Piki Goes Flying serves dual purposesIt entertains and educates listeners. Joan includes up-to-date information about traveling on a plane with a Service Dog, including rules and regulations from the U. S. Department of Transportation and airlines (found in the book's final pages). 

I loved the story and the cute pictures of all the furry animals: Teddy, Piki, and their doggie cousins (Boomer and Ender). It's perfect for ages four and older. 

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Our mischievous and independent friend, Piki, whose training we learned about in Piki Goes to College, is at it again in this new adventure, her first two flights on an airplane. Of course she tells her own story and in spite of being a well-trained Service Dog and is flying with her person, Joan, doesn't mean she isn't full of questions and opinions about all of the rules they must follow. It's a learning experience for Piki and the readers before and throughout the flights as well as being beautifully illustrated.

Piki Goes Flying, narrated by Piki (rhymes with sneaky) will delight children and will show them some of the rules about flying with a Service Dog. And for adults, the back pages will explain more details. As a Service Dog, all of the rules of the Americans with Disabilities Act still apply. But most of the rules and regulations listed here are from the United States Department of Transportation along with some more from individual airlines.

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Joan grew up in Summit, NJ and has lived in New Mexico since 1988. She is retired from healthcare, but continues to pursue her artwork and writing. Joan's loves include children, animals, the wilderness, traditional music, travel and singing loudly while listening to music while alone in her car. view profile

Published on December 26, 2022

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