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Pigsy the Rainbow Piglet


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This is an accessible, friendly story about how a young pig copes with the sadness that comes from missing her friends.

Despite its bright beauty and warmth, sunshine is sometimes not cheery enough to dispel the sadness that comes with missing one’s friends. Pigsy the pig is feeling especially down one day because she is not able to be with her friends in person. She is tired of feeling so blue, so she takes a deep belly breath, identifies her feelings, and decides to paint a rainbow to make herself and her friends feel better. Beginning with red, orange, and yellow, then adding green, blue, and purple, Pigsy creates a flowing rainbow drawing. Because they cannot get close to one another, Pigsy fans out her rainbow to reach her friends at a distance. Even though they are apart, Pigsy’s rainbow makes her and her friends feel happy and connected.

At a time when the world is separated by COVID-19, Pigsy’s message resonates strongly with readers of all ages. Pen lines and watercolor fill give the illustrations in this story a soft, whimsical feel. The text is presented in short, rhyming couplets, leaving only a small number of words on each page. Because of this design, the length of the text makes the story accessible to a wide range of readers. At the end of the narrative, Pigsy details exactly how to perform the belly breath that gives her clarity in the story. Step by step, readers are invited to participate along with her, learning how the act of taking a deep breath can calm their bodies and allow their minds to think more clearly. Pigsy’s melancholy is presented in a general way, expressing the emotions one would feel upon not being able to see one’s friends in person under any circumstances. Especially now, though, even very young readers will appreciate Pigsy’s story as they process the feelings of loneliness and isolation they are experiencing because of the global coronavirus pandemic.

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Pigsy is upset because she misses her friends. However, instead of letting her strong feelings get the best of her, Pigsy manages her emotions with rainbow colors! Buoyant, rhyming text -- paired with whimsically illustrated watercolors -- Pigsy the Rainbow Piglet includes simple, illustrated instructions on how to help calm strong feelings with Pigsy's Rainbow Belly Breath.

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Published on September 01, 2020

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