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Pierce Her


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An engaging, steamy romance from a talented author. Can Charlie and Daniel trade the demons of their past for a happy future together?

This was an enjoyable and engaging read. The focus is on the relationship between Daniel and Charlie and whether they can face the demons of the past and allow themselves a happy future together. However, this book is more than a slow burn romance. I particularly liked the way in which we see Charlie grow in confidence and the patience Daniel shows in waiting until she's ready. Alongside this, we have the mystery of who is stalking Keirra.

How do you mark the anniversary of the day you were shot?'

Charlie Ravenel carries the scars of her past. It's been six years, since she's been able to trust a man. When she is offered a job on a film set protecting fifteen year old, Kierra, she is reluctant to accept it, but her desire to protect the young girl is too strong to resist.

One thing she wasn't prepared for was the way she would feel when she met Daniel Pierce. The film star is referred to as 'the sexiest man alive,' however, fame has its price and he has his own demons with drink and his adoring female fans.

The story is peppered with lovely, descriptive phrases, for example, 'your body is beautiful, to perfect and perform. Mine is wounded, to defend and protect.' They had very different experiences in life but the sexual chemistry between them was undeniable. 'He kept grasping for her like a life jacket on his sinking ship.' I really liked this analogy which tells us how Daniel was desperate to claim Charlie as his own. The scene where Daniel and Charlie put the little girl to bed is tenderly written and at that moment, the reader can imagine a wonderful future for them. Sadly, Daniel's infidelity ruins that dream in an instant, having taken all that time to break down Charlie's barriers.

I liked the inner monologue from Charlie, which let us know what was going on in her head. The addition of a Spotify playlist to complement the chapters is a great idea. The author is clearly talented in writing sensual scenes. I will definitely recommend this read and am eager to read the next instalment in the series.

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Kelly Finley is a romantic suspense author and a rebel with many causes. Dedicated to writing books featuring heroines love—ones with shameless heat, brave hearts, and whip-smart minds—she's most likely at her keyboard right now, putting the next one on the page for you. view profile

Published on January 27, 2022

100000 words

Contains graphic explicit content ⚠️

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Genre: Romantic Suspense

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