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Perfekt for younger fans of Black Mirror with an age appropriate twist of technology.

Skylar hates the way she looks. So when she gets a message from an app called Perfekt that offers to edit her photos, she gladly accepts. But what she doesn’t expect is for the edited photo to become real. Thanks to her new look Skylar finds herself on the fast track to popularity and a chance to go on a date with her crush. Unfortunately the perfect new look doesn’t last long. She has to keep renewing Perfekt to keep the app’s effects, but the price goes up every day, quickly becoming unaffordable. Plus her crush might actually be a total jerk. Skylar has to decide just how badly she wants to be Perfekt and what she is willing to do for it.

This is one of those comforting books in which you get exactly what you expect. It’s a common theme, the unpopular girl suddenly becoming popular and realizing the hunky boy isn’t all he’s cracked up to be before she decides she liked herself the way she was before. The difference here is Perfekt adds a modern twist with technology. I can see this appealing to kids who wish they could edit their looks just like in their photos or feel insecure. The underlying message of being beautiful the way you are is also perfect for the targeted audience without feeling preachy.

The biggest downside of this book is its predictability. I also wish the story would have explored the magic of Perfekt a little more and the tension of the app knowing things it shouldn’t. Those details caught my attention and I was a little disappointed that they were dismissed so quickly without getting more screen time.

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Evan Nichols is the author of Perfekt, a middle grade fiction novel released in June, 2019. Prior to writing, she was a sales executive in the face-paced world of technology. Evan is the mother of two dogs and two children and lives in Atlanta, Georgia. view profile

Published on June 03, 2019

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