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Parmesan Pig


Must read 🏆

A positive message in an enjoyable and understandable way! A must-read for all parents, caregivers, and teachers.

Parmesan Pig is an amazing character who spends her time focusing on teaching others not only what happy is, but also how to find it. One beautiful point is that Parmesan Pig doesn’t offer advice where her friends must leave the world they are in, she teaches them to find Happy in their own world. As a teacher I recognize how important this point is because so many stories take children out of their everyday life, which is great for the imagination but not always realistic or feasible. I loved how the lessons she taught her friends were simple yet so significantly important to young children.

As a writer myself, I often write in rhyme and very much appreciated the author’s rhythm and his ability to keep it consistent and precise throughout the whole story. I find it difficult to enjoy a story when the rhyming count is off or doesn’t work. I believe that is a huge stumbling block for young readers and listeners because that rhythm is what keeps the pace of the story and keeps it moving.

I also enjoyed the character names and especially that although they are cute and interesting they don’t take anything away from the story or from Parmesan Pig’s message. The importance of this story is on what she is teaching her friends and by keeping the sole focus on her, no meaning is lost.

I gave this story 5 stars from the first page! This is a book I would recommend to parents and teachers and I would love to think that I could one day write a story as well as the author has done here.

If I had to give any advice on an improvement it would be to continue the story and keep the lessons coming. There are so many problems that are so important to children that can be solved through books like this.

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I am a writer, artist, and retired special education teacher with certification in school administration. I currently blog on a daily basis. As of today, my total number of followers is over 2200, having started my blog around September 2019. I review books as often as I can and build miniatures.


Introducing Parmesan Pig, a kind-hearted, supportive friend that readers will find delicious to meet. When Spaghetti Spider, Marshmallow Mouse, and Taco Turtle need help with HAPPY, Parmesan Pig sniffs out just the right flavor of support. Each friend is faced with a different situation where certain HAPPY ingredients are missing. Luckily, Parmesan Pig is someone they can trust, offering a new point of view. Sprinkling her savory advice, she provides understanding and hope, when her friends need it most.

Written in rhyming verse and full of clever connections between the narrative and the characters’ names, readers will both enjoy and emotionally connect with the story of Parmesan Pig.

About the author

Ben Barrowman is the creator and author of the Parmesan Pig Book Series. He has a passion for creative rhythmic storytelling that helps children understand the importance of supporting one another. view profile

Published on May 18, 2022

Published by Palmetto Publishing

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Genre: Picture Books

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