Palera Dawn



To escape the existence of inner darkness, she must fight alongside a dragon in a magical otherworld…

Kalera doesn’t think life is worth living. After years of self-loathing, her mother’s overdose pushes her past the edge, into attempted suicide and electro-convulsion therapy. But when she wakes, she’s shocked to find herself in a surreal land ruled by a vicious tyrant who wields evil sorcery.

Infuriated by the inhabitants’ enslavement, she teams with her real-life boyfriend’s doppelgänger to battle oppression. And when she discovers she’s descended from the rightful rulers and a mother of dragons, she vows to take back the realm. But the kingdom’s only hope may rest with a strange stone that burns everyone but her…

Can Kalera break her people’s chains and realize her destiny as savior?

Palera Dawn is the captivating first book in The Dawn Series of fantasy novels. If you like legendary dragons, thrilling new worlds, and surprising twists and turns, then you’ll love A.H. Washington’s spectacular adventure.

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The Fallen


Calamity ensued the city as the tired, tortured, grieving queen stood straight and proud befitting her royal heritage before her captor. Looking down upon her was Fefnar, the appointed leader for the Guardians of the Keys, now sitting on her glass throne carved with dragons. The prisoner, Queen Palera, was the ruler of the Zaylen realm as her mother before her. For five thousand years, her bloodline reigned with honor, love, and prosperity for all. Fefnar finally sees his monarch in chains after murdering her husband, King Ryoto. Guardian members appear circling the throne. Palera could hardly keep her composure as she glared into the eyes of her betrayer, her grandpea (grand niece), Pasquelena. Her cheeks were red as flames as she pondered family slain to bring down the great dragons. Dragons had been bred and trained to connect with each of their queen masters. Queens ruled the many realms that flourished outside Zaylen as great democracies through their monarchies. Dragons, connected by blood bonds, kept the peace. The beast controlled the elements of time, water, fire, and air. With a sinister smile, Fefnar spoke. “You have something I desire, dear Queen.”

“What madness do you speak of? You have taken everything from me.” “Not everything. I received word that your Dred (a witch of great knowledge) summoned your dragon to the Isle of Dawn as a way to give it more time to survive once you fall. Pasquelena, come, child. How do you feel looking upon your great work?”

“I thought you only meant to capture and enslave the dragons. The deal was not to destroy our way of life,” Pasquelena said as her eyes swell. With a quick slit to her throat, she fell to the throne’s floor. “Kindo’op (murderer)!” yelled the queen.

“What more do you want from me?” “Your life force. Your dragon.” Walking down to her, Fefnar felt a sharp pain in his left arm. Arrows rained down in the throne room while two Dreds appeared. As Fefnar looked up, the queen had vanished.

Waiting on the isle was Brogo, the queen’s dragon. The great beast went down as the queen suffered an arrow to her chest. The Dreds quickly pierced him with the blood staff. His blood began to flow through the crevice into Palera’s wound. Their bond became stronger, and the secret that Fefnar desired was revealed. Palera is pregnant.

Summoning Brogo’s power, the Dreds forced time ahead, bringing the baby to full term. Within moments, a baby girl was born. After the birth, they placed a spell on Brogo. “You are most beautiful. Take her beyond the wall, where no one will discover who or what she is. When the time comes, she will return.”

Brogo weakened as his beloved master took her last breath. A roar let out as he laid his head over her lifeless body. Palera Dawn and Brogo, the last of their name had fallen.

The spell caused a crater to open inside the city. Symbols from it appeared as the ground shook. Stone walls grew inside to the surface protecting the spell.

Fefnar called on his Shellions (magical beings) to reclaim it, but it remained. He then tried to bury it, but it remained. Only the life of a dragon would fill the crater once more.


About the author

A.H. Washington is the author of The Dawn Series. As an elementary and middle school educator, A.H. has spent the past decade writing fiction independently, and with her students. A.H. is also a con junky. When she is not attending cons as a guest, you will find her as an attendee. view profile

Published on December 03, 2018

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