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OUT OF SPACE: Creating Safe Spaces in Unlikely Places


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A powerful memoir and guide into leadership, with engaging content and leadership skills that everyone can learn

Out of Space is a combination of memoir and leadership guide, using Julio Roman's experience as a foundation point for skills that anyone can easily develop. Roman expertly interweaves his personal story with his leadership experience, so that often you forget that you are reading for the knowledge of how to create space where there hasn't been. This allows for the combination of community and individual needs to be built upon in our own situations, whatever those might be.

What I especially love about Out of Space is the ability that Julio Roman has to draw you right in to his life without it being overwhelming or uncomfortable. You feel welcome immediately and don't want to leave. This also means that you start to understand his conversation style without it feeling forced or overly complicated. Out of Space feels far more like a conversation that you might have with a friend in order to understand how to work with the community that you have rather than the community that doesn't exist. By engaging on a relational level, you immediately know what the expectations are going to be from the start.

If you just stick around for the leadership aspect and the understanding of how to create space, you won't find a lot in the margins. You need to read the memoir of the story to really understand the points that Roman makes when he intersperses his tips for leadership throughout the book. Another aspect to Out of Space that works in its favor is that it's a fairly short and simple read. You can finish the book in a couple hours and then go back and reread it with a different lens in mind, which can also aid in understanding the conversational model that Roman relies on in order to capture and expand your thinking on what truly creating space means when there isn't a space already available.

Everyone should read Out of Space because we all need a specific space where we can thrive and learn and grow while aiding in the growth of others in our communities. This opens avenues that may not have been available before but will continue to exist once we leave.

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Julio Roman has dedicated over twenty-two years to creating LGBTQ+ safe spaces. He has represented the LGBTQ+ community on Capitol Hill, to the U.S. State Department, to the World Monetary Fund, and to the United Nations. He continues to be featured in Insider NJ’s “Out 100:The LGBT Power List” view profile

Published on November 16, 2021

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