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Our Cats in Amsterdam


Loved it! 😍

If you haven't had enough of looking at cat videos on your Facebook or Instagram , then this book is definitely for you.

If I could describe this book in one word, I would say absolutely delightful. Okay that's two words. If you haven't had enough of looking at cat videos on your Facebook or Instagram and other social media, then this book is definitely for you.

An appropriately charming sequel to The Diary of a Buddhist Cat, Our Cats in Amsterdam by Julian Worker traces the travels and travails of Freddie and Gemma as they spy on diamond smugglers going all the way to Amsterdam.

So if you like all the many quirks of cats from being aloof or being lovable but at the same time indifferent or downright dramatic when hungry, then you will enjoy reading about the many quirks of Freddie and Gemma too. Worker characterizes Gemma as a typical cat with an icy, cold demeanor which makes it difficult for her to as Freddie says, "humans call it breaking the ice". I liked this funny wordplay but also because it is so true for cats that once you break the ice with them, break through their icy glare, they can be the fuzziest of all creatures!

Freddie's quirk that I enjoyed was his love for reading different kinds of books from detective novels (which is apt since they were recruited for a spying mission!) to serious, deep ones like Heart of Darkness or Orwell's 1984 or Animal Farm.

Speaking of Animal Farm, the book with all its talking animals and trying to bring in change through revolt and upsetting criminals and the many conversations that Gemma and Freddie have about the injustices in the world that they come to know about through their voracious reading habits, feels like a pale version of Orwell's grim take on the futility of humans' revolutions. Will Our Cats in Amsterdam also mirror that grimness? Find out by reading it. And not just reading this but also reading the first book in the series. Though Our Cats in Amsterdam is a standalone one and makes sense without reading the first one, why miss out on the opportunity to find out about Gemma's perspective about life?

Not that Our Cats in Amsterdam is ultra serious alone! If nothing else, then it will definitely give you a travel bug! The two protagonist cats travel business class and live in luxurious hotels, a privilege that even us mere human mortals can't imagine. So get ready for some vicarious travelling!

All in all, Worker does a fab job of meshing the cozy warmth and thrilling tones in Our Cats in Amsterdam.

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I was born in Leicester. I've visited 94 countries & territories. My most recent trips were to Corfu, The Peloponnese, Spain, Portugal, and the islands of British Columbia. I love photography and writing. My next book is Our Cats in Amsterdam, the sequel to the Diary of a Buddhist Cat. view profile

Published on September 01, 2022

Published by Mirador

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