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An Absorbing Thriller is an easy pick for the fans of the conspiracy thriller.

The story opens with Lonnie Clifford, a super-genius who has photographic memory living an idyllic life as a waiter. Then one day, a mysterious man tells him that his parents aren't his biological parents, and he is one of the two "SUPER BABIES" that the secret evil government organization "DARPA" produced as a part of "OPERATION MIDNIGHT". They conduct experiments like gene manipulation and brainwashing, making soldiers immune to pain, fear and regrowing the lost limbs in battle. The head of the operation is a man named Derek Spillbane, and no one knows how he looks or anything about him. Loonie now has to work on the clues left by his birth parents and, at the same time, outwit this evil organization. He is not alone in this fight as he is accompanied by his best friend, Dalton, and his work partner Fey. Slowly, the events unfold, and no one Loonie knows is safe.

Rick Simonds does not fail to deliver a thrilling conspiracy thriller. This book was dark, fast-paced, crazy, and entertaining. This is for sure one of the most compelling books I have read this year. I love a good conspiracy thriller with a shadowy government organization, an antagonist who thinks his evil and insane plans are for the better good of humanity, and it's just all entertaining to read. The writing is fresh and dynamic, with all research well done. I loved the fast-paced plot, which kept me on the edge of the seat. I was very much invested in knowing what would happen with Loonie. I loved Loonie's character. He has a photographic memory, but he doesn't know what to do with his life; he feels so relatable. The character development of Loonie is excellent to watch, and we see him change a lot throughout the book, from being reserved and not knowing what to do with his life to being a man who knows what sort of life he wants. The plot and Loonie's characters were the real winner for me.

However, I did not like the secondary characters, especially Fey; she did not add anything to the story except a typical love interest. I feel like so much more could have been done with her character rather than just including her as a love interest for our protagonist. I have a similar complaint about Dalton, he is supposed to be Loonie's best friend, but we barely see both of them together, I would have loved to spend more time together.

Overall, "Operation Midnight" is still a very good read. If you're a fan of Police Procedurals and Conspiracy theories, you will want to read this one! 

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RICK SIMONDS, in addition to writing the thrilling new novel OPERATION: MIDNIGHT, is the author of the highly acclaimed murder mysteries BLOOD CODE and BLOOD SPORT. He has been a journalist and written columns and feature articles for national trade magazines. He lives and writes in Maine. view profile

Published on September 16, 2021

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