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One Step Closer: How a Life Altering Accident Led Me to Everything I Almost Missed


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A book that will grip your heart and soul, inspiring you to hope and to believe in a power that’s greater than all your doubts and fears.

"One Step Closer" written by Ryan Atkins is a memoir, a Christian non-fiction book and an inspirational story that will move your heart and soul. When I started reading it, I felt like I was reading a novel that immediately captured my attention. Being a first-person narrative, it has flawlessly brought me within the author’s perspective, immersing me in the events that forever changed his life.

What do you do when you suddenly find yourself unable to move your arms and legs? How do you hold on in faith when all the world seems to be telling you there’s nothing more you can do to change your plight?

I love Ryan’s way of telling his story. Though it’s coming from a Christian perspective, it’s not preachy or overbearing in tone. It is very much well-grounded and realistic and I often felt as though I were listening to a long-time friend. Ryan has also courageously revealed his vulnerabilities and struggles. It’s a story that’s relatable, a story that can make you feel that you’re not alone in your troubles.

Ryan’s use of flashbacks was effective in such a way that he was able to show the contrast in his life before and after the accident. It has managed to reveal the change in his motivations as well as his spiritual growth.

I also love the way Ryan’s relationship with Stephanie, his wife and childhood friend, slowly unfolds. Their love is a powerful testament to the true meaning of the word. Through their story, I saw how love endures, perseveres and prevails. I really wish this book could be turned into a movie so that more people can be inspired to see how such a love can still exist amidst all the fleeting feelings in this world.

This is a must-read book not only for those whose lives were changed by an accident, but for everyone who has ever faced desperate times. This is a book for those who need to find hope again. It’s a story that one can read over and over to rekindle one’s faith in God and to remember what truly matters in life.

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After becoming paralyzed below the neck, Ryan Atkins began sharing hope and inspiration on his blog "Flat on My Back". He has made it his mission to learn what it means to live with purpose no matter the circumstances. He and his wife Stephanie reside in Cincinnati, Ohio. view profile

Published on November 19, 2020

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