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One is Evil


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A sinister tone through most of the story along with a steadily rising tension leads to an edge-of-your-seat sequence of action scenes.

One is Evil is a mix of mystery, procedural, crime drama, international intrigue, and political thriller. Jeff Buick knows his stuff when it comes to creating an atmosphere, a sense of dread, and he utilizes that with this introduction to Bobby Greco. This one does have a sinister tone through most of the story, along with a steadily rising tension that leads to an edge-of-your-seat sequence of action scenes. Buick also has a knack for well-timed wit to break the tension when needed.

Our main character is, of course, Bobby Greco, but we don’t meet him at first. Once we do, it’s hard not to like this ex-police detective. He’s a bit jaded, rightfully so, but he’s also come to grips with life as he knows it, and he’s finding his way back up after being knocked down. We’re also treated to a handful of secondary characters who pop in and out throughout the story as it gains steam. Some of them are as likable as Bobby, and some, not so much. When it comes to characters, I have to say that Buick does give us some well-drawn, colorful characters. Case in point: Pat. You just can not help but love Pat. He’s an absolute hoot and just loads of fun to read.

All of that should’ve come together for an exciting read, and I suppose it is exciting if not predictable at times. It’s also farfetched at best. The more I read, the more outrageous this story became. Yes, this is fiction, and it’s a combination of several mystery and thriller tropes, so I should and do expect a certain amount of suspension of disbelief to be required. However, this one takes suspension of disbelief to a whole new level. There are just too many things here that I couldn’t swallow, too many things that would have to happen in perfect order for any of this to be remotely possible – and that’s just bad guys’ story. When you factor in the one thing that started Bobby down the road to danger and intrigue, and another character’s part in it all, a character who just so happens to have all the right skills and contacts to move things along, it’s just too much.

We also have the ever-growing ties to people in high places. Bobby actually mentions the whole six degrees of separation thing at one point in the story, and that seems to be a theme here. And that would be okay except with each new revelation, this story becomes more and more convoluted. And that just leads back to my problem with stretching the believability scale.

Nevertheless, this fast-paced story did hold my interest. I liked Bobby, and convoluted or not, believable or not, I wanted to see how it would all play out. The problem is that this case is so outlandish, so completely over the top, I can’t imagine what the focus of the next Bobby Greco thriller would be. 

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Jeff Buick writes fast moving fiction across numerous genres, including mystery, suspense, thrillers & crime. For Jeff, it’s all about the story and works to relentlessly drive the action ahead, creating well-crafted characters in his psychological thrillers geared for readers who love an adventure. view profile

Published on October 31, 2019

Published by Novel Words Inc.

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Genre: Thriller & Suspense

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