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A collection of the author’s personal quotes that can be a source of motivation daily.

One a Day Quotes to Destiny by Jana Alexander is a collection of her personal quotes that the reader can use each day as a starting point for motivation or inspiration. The quotes are divided into various subjects like Life, Dreams and Purpose, Business and Mentorship.

It is the kind of book you may read whenever you need a thought that can lift you up or help you to persevere in achieving your goals. You can turn a page each time you feel like enriching your thoughts or reflecting upon a particular area you can strengthen or work on. You can also copy your favorite quotes in little memo pads or notes so you can stick them in places where you can see them, reminding you of something you want to focus on.

Based on what I have read, I can see that these quotes have a personal meaning to the writer and has helped her many times in her life. It has an application based on real-life experiences and was considered worth sharing to also help those who need inspiration themselves.

One can use this at the start of the day, during breaks or even before going to sleep at night as you also write in your journal what has helped you throughout the day. It can also be shared with friends who need encouragement from time to time.

Time is valuable, and many times, we can benefit from the experience of those who have gone before us. In this sense, this book contains precious words of wisdom that could enlighten one’s understanding or give the reader a new perspective in life.

We need all the help we could get in facing the difficulties of current times. This book can be a tool to help equip the reader with more wisdom and is like a piece of good advice from a friend we can listen to now and then.

I wish that this was more like a devotional where one can also have the space to write one’s thoughts and learnings about a particular topic. But I guess the value of this book is in its conciseness, simplicity and sincerity, sharing the valuable lessons one has gained in life.

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Jana K. Alexander is from the beautiful Caribbean Island of Saint Lucia. She is the founder of Inspirational Hopes and is a small business owner. This work came about after 17 years of recording her quotes from everyday life experiences. view profile

Published on December 19, 2020

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Genre: Self-Help & Self-Improvement

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