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Of Dreams and Angels


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Keep a box of tissues for the ride of your life. A memorable read with all emotions in perfect proportions. Don't miss it.

I received an ARC of the book in exchange for an honest review. My views are unbiased and not biased towards the author or publisher.

Can this year get any better? OF DREAMS AND ANGELS by Jared Morrison is a fantastic mix of charm, comical timing, yet a consequential story about the mystery and potency of love. This book is an excellent blend of writing, romance, devotion, imagination, inspiration, heartbreak, and growth at its very best.

Joe Riley is a successful finance expert who juggles numbers and logic. He begins to dream through the eyes of someone else—a woman, Claire. She is not known to him and this enigma draws him more to discover her. He slowly comes to know over the course of many, many unrestful nights. Being practical and pragmatic he is unable to settle his mind about his dreams and the mysterious woman. But still, he can’t deny the gravity between himself and Claire. With some prodding and his own inner dilemma, he commits to finding the dream woman. This starts the whirlwind romance that will knock you off your feet with its force and charm.

Morrison is an absolute master at his craft and one does not feel it is his debut novel. I fell in love with the dream and was drawn into the story from page one. He paints a vivid picture in each scene yet leaves room for the reader to imagine and feel on their own. The characters are relatable and easy to love. They are not boring and linear. Each character is well written with ample space for growth. Even the side characters like friends and the internal committee are heartwarming with a flair of their own. Morrison has a way of writing that not only reads musical but also sound lovely. Joe Riley's character is an example of the modern-day man a woman appreciates. Silent yet sensitive and open to possibilities. His transformation is a must-read.

The story emphasizes the themes of love, respect, friendship, family, and community. Morrison also gives due importance to the idea that our realities take seed from our dreams and are built with our actions by us and the people with whom we invest our time. The chapters are short with adorable titles and the timeline running over a year approximately. While there is comedy be sure to grab a box of tissues because you’ll need them for the emotional parts. This book made me feel a gamut of emotions from the start.

I recommend this book to everyone. Read this book and join Morrison as he takes us on this ride Of Dreams and Angels.

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A lover of words, writing love stories. Of Dreams and Angels is the debut novel by Jared Morrison, inspired by a dream that led him to the love of his life. He is married to Erin Skye Kelly, author of Get the Hell Out of Debt. They live near the Rocky Mountains with their four amazing children. view profile

Published on May 22, 2021

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Genre: Paranormal Romance

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