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Odes to the Multiverse


Loved it! 😍

Great for fans of urban fantasy or science fiction looking for some short stories to read.

This collection has one of the most varied selection of stories I've read in a while. There are stories for urban fantasy fans, stories for horror fans, science fiction tales to entertain and much more.

One of Odes to the Multiverse's biggest strengths, and what impressed me the most, was the author's ability to create such unique and distinct stories. Even stories with similar central ideas feel unique from each other. While some stories in this collection do connect, each is more than capable of telling an interesting and captivating tale on its own. The stories themselves aren't the only things that are unique. Moore creates such a vivid world for each story, in very few pages each time, that stick with you as you move from one tale to another. The amount of detail and tone she was able to imbue in each story, in so little time, is truly impressive.

As mentioned earlier, these short stories span a number of genres. I was pleasantly surprised by how well-crafted each story was, as not many authors can "pull off" writing in different genres. I won't go into every story that I enjoyed, because then I'd end up listing most of the stories in this book, but my favorite was "Devious Machines" mostly because the conclusion both surprised me and left me wanting more.

While I enjoyed the collection overall, there were a few stories that I couldn't really enjoy, simply because they were too short, usually being a page or two. As soon as I was starting to get into the story, it would be over. This length was perfect for some of the tales, but others would've benefited from being a little longer. Some stories were perfect at one or two pages, but others felt a bit incomplete at that length.

I'd recommend this book to science fiction and urban fantasy readers, who enjoy horror elements as well.

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Tonya R. Moore writes speculative fiction. Born and raised in Jamaica, her goal is to help bring a fresh, new West Indian perspective to the science fiction, urban fantasy, and horror universes. She has been known to dabble in novel-writing and pen the occasional poem. view profile

Published on April 23, 2020

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Genre: Science Fiction

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