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Octavia Can Do It!


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"Octavia Can Do It!" is a fun book showing young children attempting to make cookies on their own for the first time.

What a lovely, fun cover! My daughter loved seeing characters will curly hair like her. Plus, the children look like they are having a grand time. 

Liliana Tommasini dedicated Octavia Can Do It! to her two adorable grandchildren. They are adorable, especially Octavia in her little crown and pink, frilly dress. 

Many of these photos spoke to me as a mother of a child who loves to play dress-up. They represented moments you'd find happening in my home on no particular day. Of course, my daughter was only allowed to ride her scooter one time in our house—when it was brand new. 

My kids have a sweet tooth, so they are always up for making and baking cookies. Kids and messes go hand-in-hand like peanut butter and jelly. Amariah Rauscher illustrated every messy moment perfectly. 

I loved how Mama in the story informed Octavia that she could not use the oven all by herself yet. She wasn't big enough yet. 

The puppy, Oslo, peeking over the countertop was sweet. We have dogs in our family, and they are always watching, waiting to handle clean-up duty. They are also lurking nearby to sneak a nibble. 

When the mom returned to the kitchen and saw Octavia and Ludovic's mess, her facial expression was 100% realistic and relatable. Kids left alone in the kitchen will almost always make a mess on the counters, the flour, and themselves. 

When the cookies were done, the taste was not the same as Mama's. The Mama applauded her effort, but Octavia was still sad. This is where problem-solving skills come into play. Octavia had to figure out what or where she messed up, so the outcome would be better next time. That's an important life lesson!

Octavia Can Do It! also teaches kids to clean up their messes. Another important life lesson! 

After the story, Liliana Tommasini shared "Octavia's Double Chocolate Cookies." If you want to make the cookies directly after reading the story, double-check to ensure all the ingredients are in your pantry. They should be, but it's always a great idea to look first, especially when you have children who want to make and eat the cookies pronto. 

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Octavia is a spunky little girl who loves to bake cookies with her Mama. Mixing flour, butter and eggs are some of her favourite things to do. Today, Octavia wants to do things differently. When Mama steps out of the kitchen, Octavia takes over with an “I can do it” attitude.
But as flour and cocoa cover the walls, cabinets, and countertop, she starts to question herself.
Will her cookies turn out as good as Mama’s cookies?

Octavia Can Do It! is the humorous story of a young girl as she discovers that even the most independent people need a little help sometimes.

About the author

Liliana Tommasini is a member of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. She believes children should be empowered to explore and learn to ask for help when needed. Liliana is a wife, mother of two grown daughters, and Nonna (Grandmother) of three grandchildren. view profile

Published on April 20, 2022

Published by Miriam Laundry Publishing

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