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Notes in the Night


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This well-written, wholesome mystery teaches important lessons while engaging middle-grade readers in an enjoyable summer camp adventure.

Summer is an exciting time for two twelve-year-old girls who get to spend a week at Melody Lane Music Camp. Becky and Megan are great friends, and they are excited to explore their new surroundings after the long drive from Nova Scotia to Ontario with Becky’s parents. After unpacking and finding their way to their cabin for the week, Becky begins to notice some unexpected things. In the middle of the night, she hears piano music drifting across the camp and, after she realizes another camper named Katie is out of bed, Becky is overcome by curiosity and is drawn to investigate. Sneaking out of bed in the middle of the night is against the rules, though, and Becky must come to terms with her choices and the consequences that accompany them.

An homage to Nancy Drew mysteries, this wholesome story takes place in a modern, Christian music camp where Becky is the primary sleuth. Themes of friendship, honesty, and integrity are found throughout the story as the tale unfolds. It is lighthearted in its presentation while investigating the girls’ feelings as they make choices that go against the rules of the camp. Occasional references to God, mass, and scripture are used in the story but are not the overwhelming focus.

The camp itself includes both boys and girls, but girls are most often referenced in the narrative. In addition to her nighttime investigations, Becky practices her piano, goes horseback riding, and cools off in the lake with other campers. This book does a good job of placing readers in a believable summer camp experience while weaving a mystery in alongside it.

Accessible language, short chapters, and a well-designed narrative make this story a good fit for early middle-grade readers who enjoy wholesome mysteries. Becky makes mistakes, but she is surrounded by supportive adults and through her actions, readers learn lessons along with her. The story has a satisfying ending, but is well established to become a series. This is a well-written addition to library collections for middle grade readers.

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Going to Camp!

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Published on May 04, 2021

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