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Not So Long Ago, Not So Far Away


Must read 🏆

A fantastically written read, regardless of your feelings for Star Wars. Fabulous characters and a great narrative with a hook!

Not So Long Ago, Not So Far Away by Trisha Slay was a fabulous surprise of a read. I was not expecting to love this as much as I did. The synopsis intrigued me enough to pick it up, but I was expecting an okay read, not a stellar one. Well, I was wrong. Despite the fact that I am not a huge Star Wars fan (sci-fi isn't largely in my wheelhouse), this plot was stupendous. Slay's writing is perfection. She drew me in with her development of an amazing character in Erika and then hooked me so well that I stayed up late into the night in order to finish. I couldn't put it down!

The story was just so great. There were several places where the narrative could have turned in a myraid of directions, but Slay always seemed to pick just the right way to go. My mind was swirling throughout the entire reading. I was on the edge of my seat and excited to know what was going to happen. I was very much surprised by this response to the book, but it was incredibly enjoyable.

Erika is a fabulous protagonist. She is humble and insecure, but she is so powerful when she really embraces herself. I love her as an example for young women. She reminds me something of a cross between E. Lockhart's Ruby Oliver and Ann Brashares's Carmen Lowell (both strong and well-created characters). Erika is so well-written that she seems absolutely real. I fell hard for her. I would absolutely love to see more of this character in future reads should the author pursue continuation of this story as a series.

The supporting characters are just as well imagined. They are all very complex characters with distinct personalities, ideas, and motivations. The interactions between them felt real and not in the least contrived. There were flaws to the characters, imperfections in the way situations played out, making everything feel so much more believable. This propelled the narrative in such a natural way. Slay simply seems to have a knack for storytelling.

This will be a book that I purchase for my own library and one that I will be reading over and over again. It's a huggable book. In my literary world, that means a 5-star read.

** Disclaimer: I received this book from the publisher in return for a fair review. **

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Trisha Slay grew up in a haunted house ... now she writes about restless spirits (both the living and the dead). When she’s not hunched over a computer, she enjoys hiking, ghost stories, historic cemeteries, red wine, and flying her geek flag. view profile

Published on May 14, 2019

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